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    TheOneWolf Guest
    so weird, i've sent two so far. Gonna try again!

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    NotJustAnyRob Guest
    We need to understand that racer is truly busy doing his work and it takes times, not minutes or hours but probably days. Just give him a break. Wish he had someone helping him too. And talking about the PM system, i had the same issue with the private messages not showing after a couple of days, somehow getting deleted automatically.

    Good thing that i found out why it happens. According to the admin, they are automatically purged whenever they do database backups, however, you can save them (the option is in your CP) whenever you wish to.

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    swagflujackson Guest
    I have a fat model ps3 not sure which one know it can be downgraded though. And its nand? what would that cost?

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    racer0018 Guest
    Again I don't give out prices on the site. Message me about that.

    On a side note I had to go to the doctor cause I was starting to get tingling in my feet. So I did go and after 3 MRIs later a spinal tap they have told me that I have ms. I am still going to do the downgrades for people but might have to slow my pace on them and only do one a day or two. Thanks.

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    ominouschaos Guest
    Oh wow, sorry to hear that! I know this is my first post, but long time lurker. I was wondering if you got the reball machine working? I have a CECH G PS3, and the darn thing is starting to overheat I'm guessing because it freezes for a few seconds, and then shuts off with a few beeps. Then, the red light just flashes.

    I have done the heatgun method twice before, and then the 3rd time I baked in in the oven at 350F. I was able to get more time out of it by baking it, than with the heat gun. multiMAN tells me the CPU is 70+ C and about 60C just sitting in the XMB that multiMAN has. I was thinking that maybe a copper shim between the chip and the heatsink would help, but I am not sure about that.

    When the console fully fails to come on, what happens is you press the power button, it beeps once as usual and I can hear the fan kick on, then it'll beep 3 times and kick off. No video on the screen.

    I also have another PS3 (CECH-H) that powers on and stays on, but has no video, no matter what. I've tried both component and composite cables, I didn't try HDMI yet.

    Sorry for such a long post, but I've just been frustrated lately. Me and my little brother were both able to play through Far Cry 3 until the end, and now that I've got God of War: Ascension, it wants to start screwing with me? Anyway, thanks for your time bro!

    The CECH G I think is overheating will boot to the XMB, and play games fine. I was playing Limbo earlier tonight and it froze for a few seconds, and then shut off with 3 beeps. Sorry, I should've proofread that post.

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    crizford4816 Guest

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    swagflujackson Guest
    I can not send a pm so is there another way I can contact you?

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    racer0018 Guest
    I do have someone that does the reballs for me cause i have not had anytime to do them . He charges 75 dollars and you have to ship it to him. If this is something that you would like to try give me a call. He is good at it and i dont really have time anymore to do them.

    Ok on a side note the cechh is something that i could help you with. All that i would do is read the nor chip in it and see if i can get it to come back with a downgrade. thanks and let me know.

    OK guys i am back up and running. I have gotten some ps3s but have room for more. Now there will be a little wait for downgrades now. thanks and let me know.

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    johnscrub Guest
    hey racer i'm sorry to hear about your health problems!! that really sucks! I have a few questions for you if you can answer or dont mind. I'm trying to downgrade my ceche01, 80gb. i have a progskeet v1.21 with nand clips. I am having a hella of a time figuring this out. I am in it for the knowledge.

    Can you give me any pointers? tell me a good working bitstream.. maybe the one you use? should i power the nands from an external source? what version of winskeet you are using? I am not worried about frying the board i just wanna be able to figure it out. I only want to downgrade this one and a friend of mines. It is one of those things i am getting my butt kicked at.. so any help or pm with some info would be great!! thanks!!

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    racer0018 Guest
    Well the nand clips sucks for one. But if you are using the progskeet 1.2 then you will have to do some trial and error. I would start with the newest of all and go from there make sure you get a good dump from the chips before going on. Also the external power is the only way I do the nand chips, you will need a 3.3v for them. Thanks.

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