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  1. #581
    johnscrub Guest
    thanks for info! I have done a few jtags/rghs and am just now getting back into the playstations. i personally would rather you do it but i'm impatient. Unless you got an opening a frying i go.. lol

  2. #582
    jensen76 Guest
    all xbox360 can be glitched with the new ecc files even on dash over 14719 without the dgx adon.only xenon and zephyr can't but they will be moddable soon..

    for progskeet v1.2 i use the ProgSkeet_12_121101_1223.dat it is working fine on cechg04 and cechc04 i have made 5 consoles now and has 2 on the way. i use an y cable for my progskeet and a old pc whit xp. cleaning the clip and chips whit alcohol and some clamps to hold the clips in place....

  3. #583
    racer0018 Guest
    What is the model number of the ps3 that you are trying to do johnscrub? thanks

  4. #584
    johnscrub Guest
    its a ceche01 an 80gb. i bought it 2nd hand and had the bluray replaced in it

  5. #585
    joetex72 Guest
    racer, is the PS3 you are having problems with the only PS3 you're working on, or are you working on other projects in between?

  6. #586
    TheOneWolf Guest
    Hey Racer, I'm looking to have my 4.31 first Gen. 60gig Model downgraded or jailbroken (if you can do both, great!). After doing alot of research, I found I need to hardware flash it to get it downgraded and jailbroken, I've been looking for someone that is willing to do it as have no experience in handling the hardware modification myself, I rather not risk it doing it myself with no experience.

    I have the CECHAxx model, 60 gig First gen. so it'll require a hardware flash. If you can get this done, send me a pm with your asking price and other information.


  7. #587
    racer0018 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by joetex72 View Post
    racer, is the PS3 you are having problems with the only PS3 you're working on, or are you working on other projects in between?
    I have been only working on this one. I am starting to accepting other ones. Thanks.

  8. #588
    TheOneWolf Guest
    Hey there Racer, have you received my PM?

  9. #589
    joetex72 Guest
    Oh, okay. Cool. I really only wanted to know if you gave PS3 modding a break and was working on 360s or Wiis or something 'cuz, you know, that's okay. Sometimes you need to take a break from the things you love so you can appreciate it more when you come back.

    In the mean time, I'll be here waiting patiently for your services. Good luck.

  10. #590
    racer0018 Guest
    I do work on all systems at one time. The wiis are outdated now cause of all the soft modding that one can do now with them. But i will take all systems. thanks

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