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    soratheultima Guest
    Hey Racer how much would it be to downgrade a CECHA01 on 4.31?

  2. #572
    solidhebi1117 Guest
    Damn these NAND launch systems (CECHA01) are completely unforgiving. I read a few guides on how to downgrade to 3.55, and it appears to be safer and more cost effective to employ one with the experience and equipment to handle the job.

  3. #573
    joetex72 Guest
    soratheultima: He said in an earlier post that he doesn't post prices on the board anymore, only through PMs. Problem is, since we're still new we can't can't access that feature.

    Someone in the topic says you need 2 or more posts to be able to PM but I have more than 2 and, alas, I'm still not able to. Just have to wait and see. Wait until racer has time, wait until we're able to PM.

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    Join Date
    Apr 2005


    Correct joetex72, it's (2) Quality Posts to be promoted to a Contributor and use PMs but posts in this BST section do not count.

    You should be all set now as I manually went back and counted your older posts that were acceptable, as for the two people above you they each have (1) post in the Introduction thread and their post in this BST thread (which doesn't count) so the best advice I can give them is to go to our main page and make a reply to one of the news articles. This way when I run the account updater next, their ranks will be promoted as well.

  5. #575
    racer0018 Guest
    Sorry about not posting as of late. But i have been thinking about just hanging it up from working on systems to just helping on the forums here. However after thinking about it for a while i have came up with that i am not going to stop. I really dont want to give up something that i love to do.

    I really like working on things cause i am a tinker. It all started when i was a kid and my dad got my a rc car from toys r us and i took it apart and changed the motor in it when i was 7 years old to make it go faster. Well it worked but the batteries didnt last that long. Now i have gotten a traxxas brushless revo 1/8 scale and love it. So in close i wont stop modding systems and will start to accept more soon.

    I have been working on this 60 gig and still cant get the damn thing to dump all the nand chips. I have soldered in the progskeet 15 times and i know the progskeet works cause i have used it on my nor ps3 to check it. Also i have finished my offboard flasher and i am going to use that on these chips and see if i can get it to work. Thanks

  6. #576
    johnscrub Guest
    Hey racer is it possible to do a nand with progskeet 1.2? I want you to do it but as your super busy figured i would buy one and try it myself... i sent a few pms and have heard nothing back but i'll wait it out

  7. #577
    Seraphic Guest
    Racer, I have been sending you messages the past few days asking if you would be willing to take a look at my 60GB PS3? Never really got a reply with a yes or no though. It powers on, but not video output. You are my last option to try and get it working again. If I don't hear back from you, my only other option is to put the system on ebay for parts.

  8. #578
    racer0018 Guest
    The progskeet 1.2 does do nand ps3s. However you will have to do some tinker with the bitstreams to see what one works for you. Thanks.

  9. #579
    johnscrub Guest
    Thanks! The worse i could do is fry it.. lol!! If i do then it will be a learning experience. Any advice that you would recommend, just so you know this is just for my personal ps3..

  10. #580
    racer0018 Guest
    Know how to solder cause if you are not really good at it you will mess up you ps3 for good. If you are not good at soldering please dont try. thanks

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