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  1. #561
    racer0018 Guest
    I need to know your model number for all that post. Thanks.

  2. #562
    johnscrub Guest
    Hi racer i have a cecheo1 80gb nand that i want downgraded. I've sent a couple of pms to you but i don't know if your getting them. If you can and are willing to do this model please let me know. pm the info if you want to do it or let me know if you don't. Thanks!!!

  3. #563
    maddhatter0311 Guest
    I have the same model and would like to know the same thing. Thanks.

  4. #564
    joetex72 Guest
    I also still have my first generation unmodified 60GB fat CECHA01 with official 4.31 packaged and ready/waiting to be shipped. Just need you to contact me if you still do this model thanks, racer.

  5. #565
    NotJustAnyRob Guest
    Any spot left?

  6. #566
    racer0018 Guest
    I have been really busy and have been working still on a 60 gig launch that I can't get to dump correct. But I will let everyone know when I get it done. Thanks.

  7. #567
    johnscrub Guest
    Thanks! hope it turns out well good luck with getting that dump

  8. #568
    racer0018 Guest
    Here is some pictures of a rgh on a xbox 360 corona v4. Yes i do these as well. thanks

  9. #569
    fatalerrpr Guest
    racer, I have a PS3 (4.30) and an Xbox 360 Elite that need modding? How much?

  10. #570
    racer0018 Guest
    What dashboard is on your Xbox and what model is your ps3. Thanks.

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