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  1. #541
    ijailbrker Guest
    hey racer i think i bricked my system was wondering if you can check it out will shoot you pm once i'm able to


  2. #542
    racer0018 Guest
    I answered it. thanks

  3. #543
    BerserkLeon Guest
    Hey racer, I just wanted to let you know you give my slot to someone else, I can't send my ps3 now. Apparently once I got the clip working my fiancee would no longer hear of sending it off to have the linker installed. I tried explaining to her that having the linker installed would be a lot better and more reliable, and that you're very trustworthy and have worked on over 1700 PS3s, but she still won't let me.

    So, I'm terribly sorry you gave me your contact/shipping info and all that for nothing. Very very terribly sorry.

    But since she won't let me ship it off, I was thinking of practicing soldering on my banned xbox, what kind of soldering iron and/or iron tip should I look for? I have one but I think the most precise tip it has is rather large, and that's probably why I suck at soldering anything... so just wanted to know.

    Again, I'm sorry she's being like this, and sorry I can't ship it to you now... don't know why she's so upset over it. Also, glad to hear your daughter's feeling better.

  4. #544
    amlo Guest
    Hey racer I sent you a pm. If you have time for my ps3 reply to my pm. Thanks

  5. #545
    racer0018 Guest
    Ok just to put it out there. I will not install Cfw on a ps3 that has been downgraded. It will come shipped to you on ofw 3.55 and you install what ever you like on. I will not take the chance of a ps3 falling into the wrong hands and me getting in trouble. Thanks

  6. #546
    Shadowstitch Guest
    racer how much to install a perm progskeet on a original 60gb ps3 cecha?

  7. #547
    racer0018 Guest
    You have to message me as i don't put the prices on the board.

    From now on when people ask how much on here i will not answer them. thanks

  8. #548
    johnscrub Guest
    hey racer if you got a slot open i can fill it haha

  9. #549
    madirish76 Guest
    Racer, Typically how long does the process take, number of days for a Progskeet install?

  10. #550
    BlurZz Guest
    like 2 hours to downgrade and put it back together.

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