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    Pharmtech78 Guest
    PM sent racer.

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    smokie1313 Guest
    i can't seem to be able to pm you i have a phat 1000 ps3 on 4.31 and was wondering how much to do what it takes to play my backups off a usb hard drive

    plz pm me thx

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    Join Date
    Apr 2005
    You need to make (2) Quality Posts first to use PMs, replies in this section don't count though. The easiest thing to do is comment on the news articles posted here... just be sure the comment is longer than a sentence, anything less isn't considered a Quality Post.

  4. #504
    Aussiegamer Guest
    Is there anyone out there who knows of someone in Australia, who is able to provide a similar service.

    Thanks in advance

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    Apr 2005
    Per the BST Rules we don't allow commercial services here that aren't either sponsors or Staff members, so anyone spamming one would receive an infraction. This thread is intended only for racer0018's work though.

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    racer0018 Guest
    OK guys i am answering all the messages that i get. It has been another bad week for me. My new born has rsv and is not feeling well. We took her into the doc yesterday and she has gotten some meds. But i am still working on ps3s right now as much as i can. Thanks and will be sending some more ps3s off this next week. thanks

  7. #507
    johnscrub Guest
    hey man sorry to hear that!!I hopeshe gets better!!good luck

  8. #508
    racer0018 Guest
    I think that she is starting to feel better. No more fever, thank god

  9. #509
    johnscrub Guest
    great to hear!! it sucks to have a sick child! my babies are 10 and 12 and i still lose it when they get sick.

  10. #510
    BerserkLeon Guest
    gonna shoot you a PM, as I'd like some pricing details...

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