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  1. #481
    tommabu123 Guest
    my brother say there is nothing to post up ? he keeps saying dump is error? I wish I could send my ps3 to you but I live in Vietnam.

    Can you tell me which is better progskeet or e3? TY

  2. #482
    cashboxz01 Guest
    I would love to get my PS3 modded. It's a phat 60gb bc one. No one in michigan does the job though, and it's a waste for me to buy everything just to downgrade my ps3 once.

  3. #483
    torp Guest
    Hi racer, I have a fat NAND PS3 on 4.31. If I want it to be on 3.55, how much would it cost? Would it be prudent to install 4.30 CFW on it?

    Also, how much would it cost to help me install a 1TB as the primary hard drive?

    Let me know. I really appreciate the work you do.

  4. #484
    lightitupkb Guest
    basically i have two ps3 one being the fat ps3 and the 1st slim ps3 model they both are downgrade-able. what are the count to be able to send msgs?

  5. #485
    ruddy2107 Guest
    hey can you shoot me a PM on how much this would cost? i have a cechk01 80gb, thank you !

  6. #486
    racer0018 Guest
    Ok I am accepting ps3 now it will be for the next 25 people that contact me. So it will go by the time and date. So to reserve your spot post up or pm me. Thanks.

  7. #487
    leira Guest
    racer0018 I'm new here, so I don't have the permission to PM you. I just got an ancient CECHA01 PS3, it is 4.31 OFW already, so I have to downgrade it back to 3.55. I'm living in Bay Area, don't know if it's close to you or not. Please let me know how much and how I can pay you back. Thanks.

  8. #488
    torp Guest
    Hey leira,

    I live in Bay Area too. Racer lives in Iowa, so it's not close to him.

  9. #489
    racer0018 Guest
    If you can send pms to me I can't send them to you. But I can do it for you. Thanks.

  10. #490
    matrixreaver Guest
    Call me please

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