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  1. #451
    lightitupkb Guest
    Racer0018 i have two ps3s one of the ps3 has been accidently updated to 4.30 and the other is a phat that wont power on.

  2. #452
    xBullseye Guest
    Since new users can't send messages, whats the easiest way to contact you racer?

    You seem to be the most reputable ps3 modifier around

  3. #453
    racer0018 Guest
    You can get a subscription to the site. Or come to the required post count. Thanks

  4. #454
    BEBO3482 Guest
    Hi racer. I'm interested in downgrading a fat ceche01. Please PM me when your accepting ps3's again. Thank you.

  5. #455
    racer0018 Guest
    What are the model numbers that you have. Thanks

  6. #456
    Daniluvkari Guest
    Still downgrading NAND ps3? or something new coming for OFW 4.25+?

  7. #457
    fadi Guest
    i wonder if people will ever jailbreak PS3 ofw 4.31

  8. #458
    torp Guest
    That's what racer is doing. But if you mean use 4.31 as the new 3.55, then here's hoping

  9. #459
    fadi Guest
    what is racer doing?

  10. #460
    splerminator Guest
    hey racer i messaged you a while ago about my ceche01 i would like to have downgraded. would love to have you do it when you start accepting ps3s again. thanks

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