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  1. #431
    xkobakax Guest
    hey racer i have a ps3 slim cech2001 with 4.31 ofw how much will it cost and how would i send it to you

    my email is on my profile

  2. #432
    ps3fan1234 Guest
    very great service i had my ps3 slim dual booted it works perfectly i would definetly recommend his service.

  3. #433
    racer0018 Guest
    Message me and we can talk. Thanks.

    I got more room for nor ps3s. Thanks.

  4. #434
    johnscrub Guest
    Hey Racer let me know when you have room for a nand , that what i have.. thanks!

  5. #435
    racer0018 Guest
    Ok will do. The downgrades are slow right now cause the daycare closed and I have to watch my daughter during the day. But will start going good once I find another day care. Thanks.

  6. #436
    johnscrub Guest
    Hey its all good ..family first. i have two daughters of my own and can definitely understand.. teatime and dollies.. lol

  7. #437
    willister Guest
    Thanks for your hard work. PM incoming about a nor ps3.

  8. #438
    Topha Guest
    racer I would like to downgrade my ps3 slim cech 2501a from firmware 4.30 ofw to a custom firmware 4.30 rogero or meaw 3.55. I would like to know how much this will cost

  9. #439
    torp Guest
    Hi racer, I know you're probably swamped and you got that whole daycare thing taking up a lot of your time. So when you have a spare moment, I have a CECHE01 Fat PS3 (NAND) that needs to be downgraded.

    I live in the Bay Area, so I can drop-off and pick-up with ease. Let me know if you're comfortable with that and when you have some time.

  10. #440
    tbconner1988 Guest
    Racer, Send me a note and let me know when you'll get my phat done. Thanks.

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