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    wilson74 Guest


    Thanks for your service and helping all of us out!

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    racer0018 Guest
    It doesn't matter base firmware anymore on ps3 models. All that it matters is that you have to go to Cfw 4.21 or higher. No 3.55 on models that are below the 3.55 from the factory.

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    johnscrub Guest
    yes but i thought the 3000 weren't hackable unless they came with base 3.56? i think mine originally came with a base of 3.56..

    I was wrong i have a 3001a with base firware of 3.66 not 3.56

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    racer0018 Guest

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    johnscrub Guest
    ok ...i was reading that and thought technodon and somebody else had disproved that method ? I thought even the original author had retracted that statement.. Do not take this as arguing i'm just flooded with different info and curious. Then i read that they had found a way to do ps3 as long as you had a ps3 with a base of 3.56 and the patch files to go to E3 custom firmware? thanks for taking time to answer

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    racer0018 Guest
    I have not heard that, however i have install cfw on 2 ps3s 3000 models. thanks

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    johnscrub Guest
    I believe you.. no worries here. i would like to have another slim on cfw but only one i got is my 3001a and i still have the 80gb i want you to downgrade. I'm looking for another slim at the pawn shops to see what i find.. thanks again

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    racer0018 Guest
    Ok sounds good. thanks

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    BEBO3482 Guest
    hi racer, please PM me when you're accepting ps3's to downgrade. Thank you.

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    coreduo0099 Guest
    Hi, I just picked up two original release 60GB units, one on 4.21 and one on 4.25 would you mind sending a PM on if you would be willing to downgrade or not please? Thanks

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