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  1. #401
    Panda178 Guest
    I'd really like to use this service! Accidently upgraded my PS3... careless.

  2. #402
    johnscrub Guest
    Hope everybody had a good christmas!! I am still interested in doing this racer when you get everything sorted, thanks

  3. #403
    jamesnesc709 Guest
    hi racer please contact me when you can okay.

  4. #404
    Hi Racer, I was wondering if you still offer this service.. a reply would be greatly appreciated.

  5. #405
    josephle Guest
    I'm definitely interested!

  6. #406
    racer0018 Guest
    I am back and will start doing them soon. Got a few on the way. But will let everyone know.

  7. #407
    johnscrub Guest
    Sweet! Glad to hear that.. hope i'm one of them.. lol

  8. #408
    racer0018 Guest
    It is hard to accept more when you come home and there is 25 boxes waiting for you. I will get them going real fast and let everyone know when i am ready again. thanks

    I will not be answering emails today. As today is Sunday and everyone should know that during home games for the Vikings I am up there cheering them on. Season ticket holders for 10 years now. And today is a big one, go VIKES GO!!!

  9. #409
    racer0018 Guest
    I did some ps3 model # 3000s and they work good for the downgrades. I am suppose to have a new super slim model coming in next week but we will see. So if anyone has one and would like to have it downgraded for free let me know. However on the downside I might brick for good. Thanks and will let everyone know.

    Ps the vikes won and we are on to the play offs. Don't think we are going to beat the packers next week. But enjoy while it lasts.

  10. #410
    johnscrub Guest
    great to hear i will have to check and see what the base firmware is for my 3000 slim..

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