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  1. #381
    amlo Guest
    Sent you a pm racer

  2. #382
    johnscrub Guest
    Sweet just send me a pm with all the necassary info... price and whatnot. Thanks again!!

  3. #383
    NotJustAnyRob Guest
    Sounds great. Pm whenever you start accepting all PS3s.

  4. #384
    racer0018 Guest
    Ok I have just got done doing two slims for a friend that were data code 1a and 1b that came with ver. 3.56 from the factory so I am able to do them now. Thanks

  5. #385
    johnscrub Guest
    Sweet ..well expanding our capabilities is always a good thing!!

  6. #386
    racer0018 Guest
    Ok updates coming in. Be out of town for a while a week or so. Wife's dad has to have heart surgery and then if it all goes well we are going to go to Disneyland. Will be back working on ps3s around Thursday of next week. But have the little old lady neighbor signing for boxes. Thanks for all your support.

  7. #387
    johnscrub Guest
    Ok hope everything turns out well. When things calm down pm me and i'll let little old neighbor lady sign for mine... lol

  8. #388
    punks123 Guest
    Hi racer.., I have a brick ps3 fat model 160GB CECHP01. Long story short, I was on cfw 3.55 and my cousin updated it to 4.11. Bought a E3 flasher kit for 90 buck a while back and tried to downgrade it myself. I was able to get it to a few steps my ps3 boot up for 3 sec and the light turn red. I have read a few post that said I need to solder some thing on the e3 cable to the ground on the mother board.

    I'm really lost and don't know what file i would need and where exactly to solder. If you can point out the correct step that I need then it would be awesome or send me a p.m on the price so I can send it to you. thanks.

  9. #389
    racer0018 Guest
    The surgery didn't go we'll and will have to have another on Monday so no vacation. But still will be back next week. Thanks

  10. #390
    punks123 Guest
    any idea you would suggest me to go to read on that problem that i have while waiting?

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