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  1. #361
    shadowofanubis6 Guest
    Racer are you available to downgrade my ps3? i have a ceche fat nand ps3 looking to get it down to 3.55. I sent you a ton of pm's, know your busy, but i was hoping you can just PM me when you are ready.

  2. #362
    racer0018 Guest
    Like I was saying before working hard to get caught up. Will pm when I am ready to accept your ps3. Thanks

  3. #363
    Pharmtech78 Guest
    No problem racer. I'll wait until you catch up.

  4. #364
    GMOTE Guest


    This guy racer did my ps3 less then 5 hours the day he got it and sent it right back...

    Thanks racer will do more business with you in the future...

  5. #365
    racer0018 Guest
    Ok an update I am all caught up on ps3s and have two left and those are the ones that will not show video and the other is ylod. So now I got them to work on and about 18 xboxs to do and will be posting up that I am ready in a few to let everyone. Thanks

  6. #366
    Zunichi Guest
    Hey racer when you're ready I have a nand ps3 model cecha01 that I want downgraded. I know you're busy so just let me know when you can do it. Thanks a million

  7. #367
    racer0018 Guest
    I am busy but that is what makes it fun. I thank all of you for the trust that it must take to send someone something that you have no idea who i am. But to give you guys some back ground on me. I have a degree in computer engineering and have been in the modding scene for a long time. I started with soldering in modchips to the ps1, then the ps2, ps3.

    I also did wiis, game cube and i hope someday wii u. I also have done alot with xbox and xbox 360s. I have also taken out many nand chips from anything from cell phones and psps. I have been trying to come up wiht the balls to tell the wife that i am going to take apart the wii u and the vita to find out what i can do with that. I also have programmed the chips in satellite receivers for people for reasons that i am sure that everyone can figure it out.

    I have soldered all types of things, i have fixed computers as well as replaces various parts on the mother boards for people. So it is all not limited to what the scene can offer. If there is something that needs to be soldered feel free to ask. If i dont know how to do it, i will figure it out.

    Thanks and hope that people will keep coming to me for there needs. As for the post where the 1000 person that got a downgrade or repare he also got a free dual shock. I will be holding another one soon. I have to find out a good number, as of right now i am at... 1683 and still going. Thanks for looking all and have a good day.

    If people would like me to keep posting pictures i will but thought that i would save on some of the space here at the site. Thanks

  8. #368
    TitanTX Guest
    Awesome. Racer even though i can't get the service due to my locale, i want to thank you immensely for the awesome amount of work you have done for the members of PS3News.com. Hope you will continue this service and good luck for future endeavour.

  9. #369
    jamesnesc709 Guest
    hi racer0018 I know that you are busy. I wanted to let you know I sent you a e-mail to you take your time.

  10. #370
    racer0018 Guest
    Ok I need some help here I have three ps3s that I was talking to people but my phone took a dump and lost their numbers. If I still have your ps3 please text me and let me know. Thanks

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