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  1. #341
    racer0018 Guest
    I will do all the ps3s once I get caught up so please give me some time. I don't know of anyone else that will do it for NAND ps3s. The only one I found besides me and he is in the U.K. Thanks

  2. #342
    johnscrub Guest
    Hey thanks for all your doing!! I will wait patiently till your caught up... When your able to get to me would you please pm or mail and let me know.. that now its my turn. My ps3 is a 6ogb nand, cechao1. thanks have a great day

  3. #343
    shadowofanubis6 Guest
    Yeah i'm still hoping i can get a hold of you racer when you get a chance, i got a nand as well.

  4. #344
    racer0018 Guest
    Will do guys. thanks for waiting. I know that it sucks but have been trying to split my time up from doing ps3s to doing xbox 360s. so i have been trying to get caught up. thanks

  5. #345
    bobbintb Guest
    i know you are probably really busy but i would also be interested in this service. i have a cecha01. pm me if you could. thanks.

  6. #346
    racer0018 Guest
    Here are some pictures. I have not posted any in a long time. But here is a progskeet 1.1 installed in a slim and a progskeet 1.2 installed in a slim. thanks

  7. #347
    mrbrad731 Guest
    I have a xbox 360 I need done

  8. #348
    racer0018 Guest
    Pm me and we can go from there. What do you need done to the Xbox. Thanks

    Also on a side note no more going to a different place for Xbox. I can do all Xbox mods for you as well. Also all wii installs. Thanks

  9. #349
    Wevryen Guest
    Hello everyone, was curious if there is anyone in the st. louis area. could possibly change my firmware to custom firmware? thank you

  10. #350
    racer0018 Guest
    What ps3 do you have as far as model number. And what firmware is on your ps3 right now. Thanks

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