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    racer0018 Guest
    I will answer all messages. It just takes me a little while to get to them all. I get around 50-60 day. Thanks

  2. #312
    mukademukwa Guest
    I have just recently joined this site. Specifically since racer0018 came up a lot for downgrading. I am looking to buy a cecha01 on ofw 3.72 soon. Can that be downgraded to kmeaw 3.55? And, (I know its probably somewhere else), is the Linux OS usable above 3.21 with cfw?

  3. #313
    Randul Guest
    Shipped my ps3 to racer last week. He got it on Monday and shipped it on Tuesday and I got it back today (Friday). Really quick service, no problems and he even installed a new laser that I sent with it. He did a great job and now my ps3 is back in working order. Thanks again racer!

  4. #314
    shadowofanubis6 Guest
    Racer since you get so many messages to go through, should i keep messaging you once every two-three days or so to make sure the message doesn't get lost? Just want to make sure you get it

  5. #315
    racer0018 Guest
    If I were going to buy a ps3 I would get a slim and not a phat unless it has been reballed. Cause the phats will go ylod at some time.

    Sorry been doing a lot of ps3s a day and have not been checking the website that much. But if I don't answer pms right away. People please send another one cause once in a while they erase the messages. Thanks

  6. #316
    TitanTX Guest
    Hey racer quick tip though about the slim a bit risky to find good ones on 3.55 firmware, cause the only downside with the slim is that you have to be extra careful to make sure that they are at least downgrade able to 3.55, though with PHATs more likely to have gotten YLOD or been reballed, higher chance of getting a downgrade able system. Sorry for the thread derail if i have done so, just sharing a quick tip

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    amlo Guest
    Hey Racer i was wondering if you can downgrade a Fat CECHA01 NAND model. I've been stuck on 3.66 for over a year and really want it downgraded.

  8. #318
    psx123 Guest
    Is there any in the UK?

  9. #319
    niciuffo Guest
    Hey racer, I know you are really busy these days, but G Sus told me to ask you about my CECHP ylod I got. If you find the time, could you please check this thread and give me a reply either here, there or via PM? Thanks in advance.


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    windrider42 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by psx123 View Post
    Is there any in the UK?
    yes mushy. He has link in marketplace as well.

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