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  1. #271
    MSawzall Guest
    I just want to put in a quick plug for racer0018. Sent him my bricked slim trying to switch cfws. I wasn't even able to give him a dump and guy got it fixed with the cfw I was trying to put on it installed. Great price too. Knows his stuff.

  2. #272
    ninjad Guest
    Hope he can fix mine soon. I'm sure he has many ps3 to work on

  3. #273
    h82skate1968 Guest
    racer0018 I have a Waninkoko brick. I shot you a PM.

  4. #274
    racer0018 Guest

    Here are some pictures of ps3s i worked on.

    Here is three slims, two with a progskeet hooked up and the other with an e3 soldered in.

  5. #275
    j6m6w6 Guest
    hi, i'm on 4.25 and would like to downgrade or have 4.31 cfw. i live in chicago

  6. #276
    racer0018 Guest
    Shoot me a pm and we will talk. Also side note I got a progskeet 1.2 ordered and will do a full review on it with pictures.

    And my off board flasher is almost ready for full production. So might be needed some testers for the first run. Thanks

  7. #277
    4DoorITR Guest
    Racer0018 did you get my pm?

  8. #278
    racer0018 Guest
    Sent you one back. thanks

  9. #279
    4DoorITR Guest
    Odd I just checked my inbox and nothing. Site issues maybe?

  10. #280
    TitanTX Guest
    racer0018 i can't PM you back 1 hr limit but please rePM me the total amount including the shipping cost thanks

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