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    DJ MD Guest
    Hi, I'm new so I'm unable to pm you. I would like to have my cech2001A ps3 slim downgraded from 3.73 to 3.55 and have e3 flasher installed for dual booting. Can you PM me with a price quote? Thank you.

    Also can it be converted to DEX? Or is it more efficient to dual boot?

  2. #252
    racer0018 Guest
    You can dual boot a ps3 so it will dual boot both cex and dex. But then you would be stuck on which ever firmware you choose for both firmware. Or you can dual boot a ps3 for 3.55 and 4.24.

    If you can't pm me I can't pm you. But you can subscribe to the site and pm me or you wait and get 2 posts. Thanks

  3. #253
    joshtheperuvian Guest
    Hi, I actually joined this forum to see about getting my PS3 downgraded. I have a fat PS3 CECHA01 with OFW 4.11 and I would like to downgrade it to 3.55. I woud have sent you a pm but I just joined and I'm unable to do that.

  4. #254
    windrider42 Guest
    Make two quality posts or more and then you can pm.

  5. #255
    racer0018 Guest
    Yes once you are able to pm me let me know. I will see what we can work out. thanks

  6. #256
    dentnu Guest
    Hey Racer

    I have a fat 60gb PS3 that I would like to get downgraded. I use to have it on 3.55 cfw but updated when uncharted 3 got released last year. I can't PM for some reason guess I need 1 more post.

    PM Sent

  7. #257
    icarus0595 Guest
    I'm looking to get my ps3 downgraded and multiman, etc put on it. When you downgrade, would you put CFW on it too?

  8. #258
    Randul Guest

    I'm interested in having my console downgraded also. My laser died, would you happen to replace those also?

  9. #259
    racer0018 Guest
    Just pm me with your model of ps3 and we can go from there. Thanks all.

  10. #260
    AverageGamer Guest
    My cech2501A bricked after installing Rogeros 4.21 CFW... i get green light with no beeps when pressed and no video.. it turns off when i hold power button for about 1 minute... i don't have backed up memory dumps or anything.. is it trash or still good?

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