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  1. #221
    nattefrost Guest
    Thanks for the update Be sure to either send me a PM or an update in this post when you are ready to accept more!

  2. #222
    NotJustAnyRob Guest
    Sup racer, I have a CECHE01 PS3 collecting some dust right now and would love to downgrade it to 3.41. Send me a pm when ever you can for the downgrade price or anything else. Thanks.

  3. #223
    racer0018 Guest
    I have been working on the downgrades that i do have and again once i get caught up i will be letting everyone know. thanks

  4. #224
    Jay90 Guest
    Hey whats up racer, I just registered to try and pm you, but it won't let me. Anyways I have a CECHE01 PS3, looking for downgrade price and shipping. Shoot me a pm when you have a chance. Thanks.

  5. #225
    racer0018 Guest

    More pictures

    Most of the time you have to have 2 quality posts to be able to get and send messages, or you can get a vip membership to the site and be able to do it right away. But i will pm you when I get a chance cause i have a lot catching up to do. thanks

    Here is another one that i did this friday. Just so everyone knows that i am still doing downgrades but i have to catch up on what i have now. thanks

  6. #226
    racer0018 Guest
    Also i have been in contact with another person that is big in the modding scene and i was thinking about taking him with me as someone that will help out. I have seen his work and he is good. I was just going to see what everyone else thinks about it. I mean with me it took me a long time to get my name built up for people to trust me and now that it has i dont want to trash that.

    I have become known around the testing sites as a person that is good at this and from what i have heard from other members is that i am one of the best around in the states at doing this. thanks and some members post up if they wouldnt mind on posting if they would trust someone that i know to do their machines. For the most part it will be all me and no one else but if people want it done right away it will be someone else that will help. thanks

  7. #227
    windrider42 Guest
    I know I would trust someone that you know to do the work. I know your work and it is top notch.

  8. #228
    justinwoodypond Guest
    Hi, long time lurker. I know your backed up, but I just shot you a PM.

  9. #229
    metzen Guest
    I just needed to thank Racer for an outstanding job on my ps3. I would highly recommend him! Please give him time to catch up with the other units he has.

  10. #230
    bmaffin13 Guest
    Hey, sending in a PM for ya when your not so busy, hopefully it doesn't go missing


    Or not. Guess I don't have enough post's. Anyways, hit me up when you get some time. I have a launch 60gb unit on 3.6x I believe that had been fixed by someone locally that offered no warranty. Sure enough when it gets turned it won't boot. Been sitting here for months. Looking to get it re-balled (I think thats what it needs) and then downgraded and then updated to a DEX unit if possible.

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