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  1. #211
    cbr600 Guest
    Hello Racer0018.. Could you assist me?

    I have 3 bad blocks after nand0 dump using infectus double nand programmer v1.41. Tried 6x with the same results. No issues with nand1. When I use the infectus programmer, i don't receive any errors for both nands. I checked the wiring many times and the solder points are good. (wanikoko v1 brick)

    I used the alternative solder points on a ceche01 board. Could you look at my backup dumps and let me know if they are validate?


  2. #212
    racer0018 Guest
    Here is another downgrade i got done.

    I have looked at the dumps and they look good to me. I have also had some ps3s nand that had a block or two that came up but they ended up working good. I have also had a nor ps3 that wouldnt write to an area no matter what i did but it all worked out in the end. Make sure you change the correct things in the dump to fix the brick. thanks

  3. #213
    splerminator Guest
    hey racer i sent you a pm. thanks

  4. #214
    racer0018 Guest
    Sent one back.

  5. #215
    cbr600 Guest

    Thanks for your responce I have another favor... after the interleave process, should I be using the CORE_OS_PACKAGE.PKG (Patched) to insert into 256MB nand or should I be using something else? Let me know which is the best method for wanikoko v1 brick fix

  6. #216
    racer0018 Guest
    You keep your dump intact and just replace the core os cause that is where the brick happened. Thanks

  7. #217
    Bigbones87 Guest
    Hey racer0018, Hows it going man. I just won 2 more ps3 and i am waiting on them to come. one is stuck on 2.8 and they said it wont take an update. not sure what the problem is. the other one wont give a stand by light or anything. I'm sure it is the ribbon cable or power supply.

    Anyway, the one that is stuck on 2.8 is a chechg01. should i use the power supply from it on the checha01 you are fixing for me? I have a bunch more ps3 for you to fix whenever you get some spare time. I know you are slammed right now. keep up the good work bro. everyone else.....racer0018 is the man. if you have dealt with him than you already know. later racer. call me sometime when you wanna chat.

    p.s I am number 1000 right? if not i have like 6 ps3 here waiting for ya. I am sure one of them has to be 1000. lol ..... just kidding bro

  8. #218
    Dakitty Guest
    G'day, good racer0018! I have a ps3 cheche01 that I got with ugly new firmware on it. I have found the process of tearing open ps3 units to be a nightmare, and was wondering if I could tempt you to give it a downgrade. If you could shoot me a pm for a downgrade price (and maybe a downgrade with progskeet installed) it'd be much appreciated!

  9. #219
    nattefrost Guest
    Hello racer0018,

    I would like to use your services. I own a CECHA01 60GB PS3 and would like to downgrade from OFW 4.20 to 3.55. Also, I would like to have a Progskeet 1.1 PCB installed to my console. Can you contact me so we can discuss this further?

    Best Regards,
    - Nattefrost

  10. #220
    racer0018 Guest
    Right now guys I am really busy so I will not be accepting any more ps3s as of right now into I get caught up. Thanks and will keep everyone updated. Thanks

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