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    bahlsie Guest
    I just wanted to post a quick thank you to racer. He is good. I think the last few pictures he has posted were of my system. I bought it used from an online auction site and when I got it, I found that it was bricked. He successfully brought it back to life for me. Great job and quick!

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    racer0018 Guest
    I am kind of upset with the messages that I have been getting, with the new keys getting released I am not sure if there will be a dongle that will downgrade your ps3 that supports those keys. If I did downgrade a ps3 for you and it would of supported that downgrade if it does come out I am sorry.

    But I can not give a refund to you because I did put the time in and soldered a lot of wires to get your ps3 fixed or downgraded for you. I am not sure what testers want from me. The amount of time it takes to do this is about 4 hours from start to finish and if I hurt the ps3 I will replace it. I started to downgrade them for people to help them from spending the money to do it themselves.

    Ok to do it yourselves if you are good at soldering then it is like this
    Progskeet 65 dollars
    Solder 4 dollars
    Paste 4 dollars
    Soldering iron 20 dollars
    Desoldering wick 5 dollars
    90% rubbing alcohol 4 dollars
    Wires for soldering 9 dollars - 12 dollars
    Downgrade dongle 15 - 20 dollars
    Plus shipping on anything that needs it.
    And your time for doing it

    Solderless for nor ps3
    E3 85 dollars
    Downgrade dongle 15 - 20 dollars
    USB storage device 10 dollars
    Shipping and your time

    Progskeet 65 dollars
    Clip 30 dollars
    Adaptor for clip 15 dollars
    Injectous to flash the progskeet 15 dollars
    Downgrade dongle 15 - 20 dollars
    Soldering iron 20 dollars
    Wires 5 dollars
    And shipping and your time

    NAND ps3
    Progskeet 65 dollars
    Clips 45 dollars
    Adaptor 15 dollars
    Wire 5 dollars
    Soldering iron 20 dollars
    Injectous to flash the progskeet 15 dollars
    Shipping and your time

    Or have me do it for a small fee. This is not adding in new thermal paste for the do it yourself. Which I do apply new when I do it. So in closing. Kind of upset with messages I have been getting. So if you want to wait and see what comes out that's ok. But don't send it or contact me if you are not 100% sure. Thanks

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    metzen Guest
    I wanted to thank Racer also for a job well done on a unit that I had sent him. He's got a lot going on so lets give him some time to catch up with whats going on at home and with all the other units he is working on. Keep up the good work!!

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    windrider42 Guest
    Wow that is crazy racer. People should all understand what is going on, before they get into this stuff.

    Racer does nothing but excellent work. I am very happy with his work and support.

    Just ignore those people. Everyone gets so crazy when new things are leaked for PS3.

  5. #175
    mikewalles Guest
    Just for clarification to everyone, the keys that were released are keys to decrypt 3.60 eboots. They are not lv0 keys. So NO, the keys that were released will not give us 3.60 cfw. In other words, do not hammer down on racer. E3 are not that stupid to release lv0 keys. That defeats the purpose for their flasher (3.56-3.60, nor).

    Sent from my PC36100 using Tapatalk 2.

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    racer0018 Guest
    See the problem is when people sees just keys have been released they think o my god new Cfw and with that new ways to downgrade right away. They don't look at the bigger picture and that is that they have to also look at it takes time to find things out. If someone releases the other keys they do but they will have to wait. If you want to play games from backups that is what I help with and allow Cfw to be ran on your ps3. Thanks

  7. #177
    techfan Guest
    Hi Racer, I want to downgrade my ps3. I am on 4.11 OFW and have NAND CECHE-02. Please let me know how much you charge $ and how long it will take


  8. #178
    Martsmac872 Guest
    Sorry for the delay in the reply to my last comment racer (I was having issues with my account) but the version of my console is: CECH-K01 Which I believe is a NOR console so it would need to be downgraded with the E3. I only need it downgraded to 3.55 Kmeaw's CFW. If you could provide me with the cost either here or via PM it would be much appreciated.



  9. #179
    racer0018 Guest
    I did send you an message but i will send another one. thanks

  10. #180
    Dizzny Guest
    Lets Just Say First Chip is done Second is cooling fixing to re assemble and see if it works.. P.S. Check your pm... Thanks

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