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    PS3Toy Guest
    racer0018 what software method you use to to read fix wani bricks. if you got a procedure you willing to share would appreciate it. i have removed nands from cok002 m/b read external with infectus and tsop 48 jig. got two bin files 128MB each.

    reason is you seem to be on the game with recovering bricks.

  2. #162
    racer0018 Guest

    40 gig downgrade and clean

    What you are doing is just replacing the core os in your reads with one that is good. You have combine the two dumps with flow rebuilder and then find your core os. Search for 6f Ff E0 and it should be the next 7,340,000 bytes. You will have to find a good core os from another ps3. Thanks

    Here is a 40 gig ps3 that i did downgrade and cleaned it all up. Thanks

    OK due to the high demand of emails that i do get, if it takes me some time to get back to you please do wait into i send you a message back. I know that it sucks to wait and i am doing all that i can to keep up. I have been doing from 4 to 8 downgrades a day and i have about right now 29 ps3s that are waiting for downgrades and around 15 that are waiting for reballs and repairs. thanks all for you support and i will get them all done as fast as i can. thanks

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    racer0018 Guest
    I will be a little bit before I am back to downgrading and working on ps3s. My step kids great grand father passed away and we will be dealing with that this week. Thanks

  4. #164
    boli Guest
    Sorry to hear about your family's loss Racer. I'm also trying to downgrade my ps3, it is a fat ps3 60 gb.

    Had it with 3.55 custom firmware before, kids accidently upgraded the firmware... I'm in California, will pm you..

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    Bigbones87 Guest
    Really sorry to hear about your loss. If i would have known I wouldn't have bothered ya so much. I knew your phone got messed up, so i wasn't sure if your were getting my texts or calls. Didn't even don on me that you may have your own stuff going on. My bad bro.

    Hope everything works out for your family. Your a really good guy. Again sorry to have bothered ya. We will get in touch when you have some time. Thanks bro for everything you have done for me.

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    racer0018 Guest
    Here is some pictures of my latest, just a slim 120 downgrade and brick fix. thanks

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    elser1 Guest
    wow that's a lot of work racer. you got some skills mate.

  8. #168
    racer0018 Guest
    Thanks for the kind words. It is nice to see that people do like what i am doing. thanks again.

    I have been getting a lot of emails asking what it looks like when i am done with the downgrade and what the motherboard looks like when i am done. here are some pictures.

    One of the before i clean up the mother board and the other when it is all clean. thanks

  9. #169
    Martsmac872 Guest
    Hi Racer I'm new here, just curious as to what you charge for your service , My PS3 is a 4.21 OFW unit which I am looking to have downgraded to OFW 3.55 or Kmeaw's CFW3.55. Could you let me know what you charge?? I'm in CT, USA BTW! Thanks in advance.

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    racer0018 Guest
    What ps3 do you have. This is something that I need to know, I need to know the model number that you have. Thanks

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