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  1. #141
    pinoytechno Guest
    you need a flasher to downgrade your ps3!

    thanks for the info it's really help me!

  2. #142
    Nicky405 Guest
    Yo can you downgrade my ps3 slim... it's the latest firmware.

  3. #143
    Foo Guest
    What model is your PS3?

  4. #144
    Nicky405 Guest
    Serial: cg661330393-cech-2101a

  5. #145
    Foo Guest
    Okay so your model of slim can downgrade to 3.21. I just wanted to check you could downgrade before you went out trying. Just PM the creator of this thread and he should do it in a reasonable amount of time.

  6. #146
    racer0018 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Nicky405 View Post
    Serial: cg661330393-cech-2101a
    Yup your model is good to go. Just shoot me a pm and we will talk. Thanks

  7. #147
    Quozz Guest
    So even the latest F/W's can be downgraded? It's pretty confusing huh?

  8. #148
    mikewalles Guest
    Hey racer, I was wondering if you can convert cex to dex. Many people have done it with cex2dex. It's just too complicated for me to try it myself. I'm also interested in downgrading my nephews ps3. It's a slim nor, it's downgrade-able.

    Hope your doing better by the way. I read the whole entire thread and seen your post about the accident.

  9. #149
    theone1982 Guest
    is mushy still active?

    trying to get my ps3 dual booted but no replies via pm

  10. #150
    racer0018 Guest
    I have not tried to do this. However I am sure that I could give it a try. All that is is using a flasher to do it. Thanks

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