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    Starlight Guest

    PS3 Hate Boils Over, Fanboy 'Journalists' Embarrass the Industry

    The recent trend, which apparently began with a new rash of PS3 hate, has assaulted the Internet and we're already feeling the negative effects.

    You know, when narrow-minded 'journalists' make certain inane proclamations in an ill-advised attempt to present their opinion as fact, everyone suffers. Now, they're actually trying to prove a point with completely irrelevant statistics!

    Here's a concept that everyone needs to comprehend and accept. The Xbox 360 launched one year before the PlayStation 3. It has a larger user base. Depending on the source you use, Sony has sold between 18 and 20 million PS3s and Microsoft has sold between 26 and 28 million 360s.

    Now, we won't bother to show the obvious closing of the gap in the past two years; we'd rather stick to the point: when there are 8-10 million more of one particular console out there, the sales numbers for the corresponding software will reflect that gap.

    Therefore, this isn't anything like comparing the software sales between systems with equal user bases, and that instantly alters the numbers. This is fact #1. Here's fact #2: evidently, the only argument the Xbox loyalists have left revolves around sales numbers. And they're desperately trying to cling to it like a drowning fanboy clings to the life raft that's moments away from heading over the waterfall (God, if only).

    Obviously, nothing else matters. No other aspect of the system comes into play. Blu-Ray doesn't matter. A free PlayStation Network doesn't matter. PlayStation Home doesn't matter. Far better reliability doesn't matter. Hell, even the games don't matter.

    Has anyone been able to locate an equally retarded anti-PS3, pro-360 article that even mentions games? And here I was thinking that this industry is all about the games.

    According to just about every last major publication on earth, the best games of 2008 were MGS4, GTAIV, Gears of War 2, LittleBigPlanet, Left 4 Dead, Fallout 3, Resistance 2, Fable II, Valkyria Chronicles, Dead Space, and Devil May Cry 4.

    Sure, it's subjective, but I doubt most normal, unbiased gamers will disagree with that list. I see four PS3 exclusives, three 360 exclusives, and a bunch of multiplats; none of which were superior on the 360.

    And looking into 2009... yeah, we all know the PS3 has a gigantic advantage. We won't list off the games again. But let's just say that most all the games everyone is talking about right now - Killzone 2, God of War III, Gran Turismo 5 - are PS3 exclusives, and the others are multiplats.

    Are there any 360 exclusives that are in the impending spotlight? Seriously... any at all?

    But hey, why should that matter to video game journalists? Why bother to use statistics that will equal out the argument? No, let's just include those that support our end of the argument, because the truth of the matter is, we're either high school or college kids pretending to be "journalists" but failing to cover up the obvious bias.

    Yeah, MGS4 has been "pushed" into the background. Sure, why even bother to entertain the notion that it outstrips anything on the 360? I'm not saying it does, but I guess sales are all that matter. Yeah, Prologue was just a demo so it must've sucked and GT5 might not come out until 2010... which immediately means it's not ever coming out, so who cares.

    LBP didn't perform so well in sales... despite selling 1.3 million copies so far (and despite a typically terrible Sony advertising campaign) and scoring higher on average than every last 360 game in 2008 with the exception of GeoW2.

    Blu-ray? Yeah, who needs high-def movies and games? The Network is free but we'd rather pay for what amounts to the same service these days.

    Reliability? Bah. Just because everyone you talk to says they're on their 63rd 360 doesn't mean anything! Hey, just as a final question; something to chew on here: that 8-10 million gap in user base... how many of those sold 360s are second, third, and fourth purchases from the same consumer because their previous console died out?

    I know warranties and the like will take care of some of them, but they can't possibly take care of all of them. Share your thoughts below...

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    SooksVI Guest


    Brilliant article! I couldn't agree more.

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    GotNoUsername Guest
    I have sadly to admit that you have mentioned some good points above, and that a lot of these so called " video games specialists" really mentioned a lot wrong stuff, but you also have to blame the American typical customer also, would people informed themselves more often for themselves such statements could nod be mad in the media without looking like uniformed idiots in customers eyes.

    In my opinion this is also a medial reaction to M$ medial policy to take down their competitors.

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    Valauliver Guest
    I totally agree. For ages I have heard the PS3 sucks, Xbox 360 ftw for years. I remember at the beginning of 2008 I was seriously considering trading in my PS3 and buying an Xbox 360 because Sony were just crap in 2006, 2007 and a large chunk of 2008. But now a laugh so hard at the Xbox 360, I just rip the crap out of it all the time to anyone I know that owns one XD. There is nothing good about the 360 except slightly better graphics - but who really cares about graphics that much? Gameplay makes a good game not graphics, need proof look at all of Blizzard Entertainment games...

    There aren't really any good exclusives for the Xbox 360 the only exclusives I would buy are Gears of War 1 and 2 - that's it really and maybe Last Remnant. It was the situation I had with the first Xbox, I bought one of them got Halo because everyone was raving about it, found that it was over hyped and the WORST GAME I HAVE EVER PLAYED, and sold my Xbox back.

    PS3 has amazing exclusives I just love Folklore, Uncharted: Drake's Fortune, Resistance 1 and 2, Little Big Planet, Buzz Quiz TV. (I would say MGS4 but I don't have it cause I have only ever played MGS2 and I don't really remember it cause it was like 5 years ago) And I can't wait for FINAL FANTASY 13 (yea I know its for Xbox 360 as well but they don't get the next part of it), Uncharted 2, maybe God of War 3 and Killzone 2, probably Infamous and Heavy Rain too and ummm... there are so many coming this year I've forgotten some XD.

    What good exclusives have been announced so far for the 360 eh? Ohhhh right yea that game.... what was it called... ummmm... thingymawut... oooh wait there are none my bad!

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    KainZ7 Guest
    good article, 100% agreed!

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    D3M0N2009 Guest
    Great Article, 100% correct. Personally i'm sick of all these Xbox 360 & PS3 Fan boys, you've chosen a console now why dont you actually use it rather than arguing over the internet.

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    mattdrumgod Guest
    People just have a tendency to support what they have bought despite how good it is. I own both consoles and both have their ups and downs, sure the RROD sucks but I'm not going to backup the ps3 because I didn't make it.

    ...but I did buy my ps3 way before the 360

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    silverwolf60 Guest
    brilliant article m8 you just pointed out one very big flaw in Xbox360 sales.. people who have to get new consoles because of RRoD's and such I wonder if they include all those console replacements in there sales figures?..

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    otarumx Guest
    I completely agree with the article, some people are so deathly afraid that the PS3 will catch up to 360 that they begin slinging mud to put the image of failure in the minds of consumers.

    Some journalists, and I use the term loosely because most are just glorified bloggers, decided that the 360 is the superior machine and stopped with the hate campaign for a while. But by mid year they started to see what the PS3 was capable of with the likes of MGS4 and became so scared that their precious little machine would start to show its age that the whole hate campaign started anew.

    Last year 360 was king because the ports for PS3 had their problems, there where not a lot of exclusives and the capabilities of the console where still sparse. During 2008 most port problems where solved and the multiplat games are now almost identical in either console. The exclusives lead by MGS4 started to pour and the firmware updates brought us a better browser, trophies and Home. In my eyes PS3 started to become the better choice and the serious journalists started to see the PS3 as the better console too. And that is the reason why this pseudo journalistic bloggers started with the crap again.

    True, the Ps3 in the US is not doing great, maybe because it's still very expensive, maybe because of the negative campaigns, the lack of publicity or for some the feeling that buying and american console is more nationalistic (yeah, not likely but still a point). But look at the rest of the world, in Japan it's quickly gaining steam with White Knight Chronicles and when Resident Evil 5 and FFXIII rolls out it will only improve.

    In Europe the Soccer Games, Gran Turismo and Killzone will only increase sales. An 8 to 10 million difference is nothing, especially with a year lead by MS console. By this time next year the gap could be even smaller (that is if MS doesn't start giving away consoles for $99) so, expect the fanboy journalists (I'm looking especially at a blog that starts with "K") to talk badly about the PS3 even more.

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    yorgonader Guest
    The 360 does have a lot of games nowadays but how many are really interesting??!! The only games that i find good are Gears of war 2, Star Universe and Lost Odissey. I don't understand why people love so much Halo and Fable 2!! I can't get the point, I played those games and I didn't like them at all. Ok maybe its my opinion but I'm sure there are people out there who agree with me. Both games cannot compete with others, neither graphically nor gameplay wise.

    Instead, I love Resistance, Resistance 2, Folklore, MGS4, Little big Planet, Final Fantasy 12, final fantasy versus, Uncharted, Uncharted 2, Lair, White Knight Chronicles, Heavenly Sword (I love this game), Motor Storm, Motor storm: Pacific Rift, Flower, Formula one, Genji, Gran turismo 5, Gran turismo 5 prologue, Haze, Metal Gear Online, Ratchet and clank: future of distruction, ratchet and Clank: Quest for Booty, Ninja Gaiden Sigma, Time crisis4, Unreal Tournament 3, Valkyria Chronicles.

    What about these games, aren't they many??, can you play them on the 360?? no. The fact is that the 80% of PS3 software are quality software. What can you list on the 360 that is equivalent to these games?? don't think they are many!!

    Not to forget the games that are coming exclusevly on the PS3 this year which are, Killzone 2, God of War 3, Uncharted 2, Infamous, Heavy Rain and all are qualified as quality games.

    By the way here in europe and specifically in Germany and Czech republic all PS3 games cost much less then 360 games I'm talking for sure about multiplatform games. I have no idea for which reason is that but I think it also has to do with the numbers of games beeing sold worlwide which drives sony and other companies to lower the price tag. Whatever the reason is, I'm very happy with this coz I dont have to pay 10 and 20 euros more for a game on the PS3 which I'll have to do for the 360.

    At the end, I think both consoles are great and the 360 will have also great games in the future I don't doubt that. However, my interest goes for the PS3 coz I simply like its exclusive line. Now 360 can argue for the opposit of course i wouldn't say they are wrong but everyone has his own taste.

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