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    Apr 2005

    PS2ESDL / PlayStation 2 External Storage Device Games Loader

    While we don't normally see a lot of PS2 homebrew news, today TnA reports that SP193 released his program PS2ESDL / PlayStation 2 External Storage Device Games Loader for PS2 consoles.

    Download: PS2ESDL v0.800 OpenBeta

    From the ReadMe file, to quote:

    How to launch/use PS2ESDL:

    - Install your games onto a USB disk (Prefably a hard disk) that was formatted with the FAT32 filesystem.
    - Defragment your disk after you install your games. PS2ESDL assumes that your game files are contiguous. Therefore FILE FRAGMENTATION IS UNACCEPTABLE!!!!!
    - Launch PS2ESDL in your favourite way.
    - Plug in your USB disk that has your games on it.
    - Start your game by pressing either the CIRCLE, CROSS or START buttons. Hold the necessry buttons/triggers to invoke the necessary cache size settings and compatibility modes as you do so.

    About the patches.ppi file that comes with PS2ESDL: Put it in the same directory where you're launching the main PS2ESDL executable from (It's necessry for compatibility with Armored Core Nine Breaker)!

    Additional Notes:

    - PS2ESDL supports it's own game format, the new PS2ESDL version 1.10 format (Not v1.00!!).
    - It also supports the traditional USBExtreme format.
    - Your USB disk must be FAT32 formatted, defragmented and have NO bad sectors (Your image file(s) may be "fragmented" then!).
    - There is no USB support in games (You will probably be able to run games that use USB devices, but the game won't be able to access them).

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    devi691 Guest
    what's the main difference between OPL 0.7 and this? better speed? better compatibility ? or just better waste of time ?

    No need to invent light bulb again...!!!

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    Apr 2005
    Good question, perhaps if someone who still has a PS2 gives it a try and reports back we will find out.

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    hacked2123 Guest
    OPL 0.7 is signifcantly more advanced and OPL 0.8 is being worked on every day.

    SMB share in OPL blows this out of the water.

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    dulal Guest
    wow good job working on it lol, but i finally thought someone made a ps2 iso loader for ps3 pkg not elf too bad.

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    IbizaCupra Guest
    Keep up the good work mate!!!

    Would love to see more of your work soon.

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    Warrorar Guest
    nice one, i will test that out with my memorycard hacked ps2

    let's see if it works. because many games don't work on the memorycard way =/

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    Starlight Guest
    Sounds pretty good but i can maybe see one thing that might slow down the gameplay, the ps2's usb port is version 1.1 i believe and the transfer rate for a lot of the games i tried back then were just lagging in the game play, now if they ever came with a addon to make it usb 2.0 then we would be in business as gameplay should be normal then.

    Since i have to double post which will be merged as 3 mins editing time is not enough i believe, but i am going to give this a whirl as i have the whole ps2 thing still setup to test this.

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    bubuf Guest
    how can i launch this? anyone can explain me?

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    Starlight Guest
    Well if have FreeMC Boot installed or if you haven't check out this thread on the site here as you will need ulaunchelf installed to load this elf file of this program.

    But if you haven't got FreeMC Boot installed then you will have to get someone with a modded ps2 to do it or copy it from a memory card that already has the FreeMB Boot on it to your memory card, and you can then just put this PS2ESDL files on your memory card or usb stick and use ulaunchelf from the FreeMC Boot to load it.

    Once you get this FreeMC Boot installed you can get familiar with it and use the ulaunch program that will be on the FreeMC Boot.

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