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    Apr 2005

    Arrow PS2ESDL v0.821 Firewire Support Plugin Sourcecode is Released

    Here is an update from SP193 to PS2ESDL v0.821 with Firewire Support Plugin and Sourcecode for those following: psx-scene.com/forums/content/ps2esdl-0-821-firewire-support-plugin-sourcecode-released-1279/

    Download: PS2ESDL v0.821 OB / PS2ESDL v0.821 OB (Source Code) / IEEE1394/Firewire/iLink plugin/extension for v0.820/v0.821 / PS2DCDMP v0.99 + Upgrader (v1.20 to v1.22) + FixCRC utility
    PS2-Developer SP193 released 'PS2ESDL'/'Playstation 2 External Storage Device Loader' 0.820 and shortly there-after version 0.821, which fixed a listing-bug. PS2ESDL is another 'Game-loader' for loading PS2-games from external devices, such as USB and FireWire/iLink.
    • This release-build features something cool&new, which I consider as a really BIG IMPROVEMENT: FireWire-Support! You can load your games from a FireWire-HDD now.
    • Plugin-Support (the game-loader normally only supports USB, but it could be extended by 'plugins'. The firewire-support is the first plugin available for it.)
    • ISO-Support
    • New kind of skinning-support
    • Source opened!

    Brief list of changes since v0.810:
    • Skinning support.
    • Improved skinning support over the skinning support in v0.816.
    • Performance has improved by approximately 10%
    • Plugin support.
    • iLink/Firewire/IEEE1394 support (As plugin).
    • ISO9660 disc image (.ISO file) support.
    • Exit function (Hold R1+SELECT to exit to the OSDSYS).
    • Some bugs were fixed.
    • sceCdSync() now supports mode 17 again (A handful of games need this).
    • New patch file released to support Rugby League 2 and Iron Man.
    • Graphics corruption should no longer be visible when using the PAL video mode.
    • Game title sorting option added.
    • PS2ESDL game format v1.22 support.

    Unfortunately, the compatibility of the iLink-Drivers isn't really high to FireWire-Cases. But fortunately, he also released the source of those drivers. So if there's anyone outside, which reads this and might be able to help him (be it with tests, or coding), just do it!

    Only the Oxford 934 chipset has been confirmed to be compatible. PS2ESDL is currently the only Homebrew-application on PS2, which supports FireWire and it is now also OPEN SOURCE, like 'Open PS2 Loader'/OPL.

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    moja Guest
    Wow, I have a phat with network adapter and HD Loader, but I haven't duested off my PS2 in years. You, sir, just gave me another use for my media server and old PS2s. +rep!

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    helladamnleet Guest

    Works With

    Works with NBA Live 2004

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