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    elmattador Guest

    Question PS2 USB/Memory Card question

    Hello all.

    New here, am glad to have found this place, seems right up my alley.

    My problem is this: I only have one memory card and it is just plain full. I am what they call flat broke. I was wondering if some kind soul might suggest what the best program to use to transfer saves back and forth using a USB stick and Swap Magic.

    Thanks so much.


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    Starlight Guest
    Check out this older post here and if you get the ulaunchelf on your memory card as it will explain in that post with more links, once you get the ulaunchelf onto your mc you will be able to transfer your saves to a usb drive or hdd if you like and will transfer just about any file around to different devices with the ulaunchelf.

    Note: this has been tested on a fatter ps2 and not the newer slimmer ones, but it might work as i think there is a ulaunchelf for the slim ps2's, i have a exploit kit here on the site which that post will have links to other posts and the exploit kit will be in one of the links.

    I will get the link to that exploit kit for you and post it in this post.

    Link to LaunchELF v3.55 Exploit Kit.

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    kitkat33 Guest

    Lightbulb Try FMCB

    Hello Matt,

    Try doing a search for Free_MC Boot (FMCB) it is a whole lot easier and has the latest uLE (ULaunchelf).That is how did mine and it works on the slim pstwo also.One thing to note is that it will not work on the newer 90xxx series that has bios version 2.30.

    Mods and admins if I was not supposed post stuff like FMCB here please let me know. Thank u and God bless... kitkat33

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    Apr 2005
    Quote Originally Posted by kitkat33 View Post
    Mods and admins if I was not supposed post stuff like FMCB here please let me know.
    It's fine, and available in the STICKY thread here actually: http://www.ps4news.com/forums/ps2-hd...ot-102883.html

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    elmattador Guest
    Hey thanks guys for getting back to me on this. I downloaded ulaunchelf onto my thumb drive, and while it took a second to figure everything out, I've got it now. It wasn't too hard at all. I'm now able to back up all my saves on my hard drive. I need to stop being lazy and figure out what else I can do with a thumb stick and Swap Magic, I've heard there are some really cool programs.

    Once again, thank you. You guys rock.


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    nwo Guest
    this method is way much better than an old one. i have checked that

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