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    JavierMiller Guest

    Red Face PS2 Slim safe with cd-rw?

    Hello everyone,

    I a have a question I couldn't find an answer to. I have a PS2 Slim SCPH-75004 and it claims to read cd-rws. I tried to play a PSX-Backup on a Sony CD-RW, supposing high quality, and after making some weird sounds it didn't work. Before giving up, I tried an Intenso CD-RW and it worked! And the lens didn't do any kind of unfamiliar sounds, it just worked like a charm!

    The problem is, Intenso is the cheapest type of CD/DVD media you can buy around here. But why does it work and the Sony Discs won't? I did the exact same thing to create both backups.

    And it is safe to play? Or will the CD-RW stress the lens, even without making those weird sounds the lens makes when reading broken media?

    Thank you very much in advance!

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    Starlight Guest
    CD-RW or DVD-RW are harder on the laser, you can use them for a bit but i use them mostly for testing stuff and if a game or homebrew works then i will put it onto a regular one time burn media.

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    Jarrod666 Guest
    Try with DVD-R, i think it doesn't play with all cdr.

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    walidahmadi Guest
    PS2 doesn't like dvd-rw or cd-rw. they work but destroys the lens after a while. burn it on a normal media either dvd-r or dvd+r (check which brand of dvds works best for you as every ps2 has its own taste. It is just a matter of test and error) And the ps2 doesn't like cd's as well. So it is safe to use a dvd-r or dvd+r.

    some older ps2 models couldn't use dvd+r but the later models could use it. You just need to try and see what it likes and then keep using that.

    After your lens dies (as most ps2 owners have experienced) you can always softmod and use usbadvance to play games off a usb hdd (it only has a 50% compatibility but is still better than nothing)

    I do it myself to preserve the life of the lens.

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    olioxx Guest
    the newer pstwo have a better +-rw compatiblity but to be safe you shuld use normal cd+-r or you can try to convert the cd game to dvd (google it) but you shuld still use dvd-+r (try-r first)

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