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    PS2 outsells PS3 by 4 million units in fiscal year 2008

    The PS2 outsold the PS3 in fiscal year 2008 by 4 million units. The figures are as follows: PSP - 13.9 million units, PS2 - 13.73 million units, PS3 - 9.24 million units.

    According to Sony's Q4 earnings announcement for the 2007 fiscal year, the company expects to sell ten million PlayStation 3 units throughout fiscal 2008, which began on April 1 and ends March 31, 2009.

    Comparatively, Sony pushed 9.24 million units in the previous fiscal year. Despite outpacing PS3 sales for the second year in a row, the company expects PS2 sales to drop off next year, forecasting yearly sales of 9 million, down from 13.73 million units in fiscal 2007.

    Moving away from the console market, Sony is anticipating that worldwide PSP sales will hit 15 million throughout the course of fiscal 2008, up from 13.89 million the previous year.

    To quote: The breakdown of the company's hardware sales for the year ending March 31st, 2008 reads:

    PSP - 13.9 million - UP 46 per cent
    PS2 - 13.73 million - DOWN seven per cent
    PS3 - 9.24 million - UP 156 per cent

    Global software sales (in units) for each format in the 12 months were:

    PSP - 55 million - UP one per cent
    PS2 - 154 million - DOWN 20 per cent
    PS3 - 57.9 million - UP 335 per cent

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    jayrat77 Guest
    wow this was nice to know, but i would've expected ps2 to sell more. People want a system where they can play most of the new guitar heros/rock bands on.. and rock band was released for ps2 so... why spend tons of money buying a ps3. Most ps3 games are for computer also.

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