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Thread: Ps2 Issue

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    Freeko79 Guest

    Ps2 Issue

    Hi All,

    new here and was hoping someone can help me out. i came across a v12 ps2 with a strange problem to which i can't seem to find an answer on the net.

    if there is no disc in the ps2, the ps2 boots up normally. Once you put in a game it switches itself off. i opened the case and pressed both switches to see what is going on.

    the laser come on and tries to detect the disc if there is none. there doesn't seem to be any melting points on the lens and it's still clear. however, when i put a game in and hold down both switches, the disc spins a quarter of the way round 3 times and the ps2 switches itself off.

    Any clue?

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    ranma29 Guest
    could be a bad motor and possibly shutting off from the stress... is this a slim or phat ps2?

    if it boots i would try to softmod it and just use hdd.

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    AIZeitgiest Guest
    I myself had this problem with my own ps2, a fat one. i did what you tried and i also checked many other possible problems such as wiring and the general maintenance of the disc reader and nothing came out of it. i would suggest either getting a new one or continuing to try and diagnose the problem. i hope it goes well and a technical discovery can be made!

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    nwo Guest
    probably you need a new laser for you ps2, you can buy them on ebay. for every ps2 model available.

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