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    mihaiolimpiu Guest

    PS2 Drops to 99 Euros in Europe, No PS2 Price Cuts for the UK

    After confirmation earlier today of the PS2 price drop to under $100 in North America, the price of the PlayStation 2 is being lowered across European regions.

    However, Sony has today confirmed that the price of the PS2 will remain the same in the UK... so no price cut there.

    To quote: Sony has confirmed that despite the PS2 price cuts announced for both Europe and North America, the UK price of the machine is set to remain unchanged.

    An SCE UK spokesperson told MCV that "neither [the European or North American price cuts] effect the UK - the price will remain the same here".

    The move is perhaps not surprising seeing as the machine is already available for under 100 in the UK - the current RRP is 94.99.

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    mrmiller24 Guest
    i work at sainsburys part time while i study and recently the store where i work discontinued all its ps2's and flogged all packages for 20, even the ones bundled with that quiz game.

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    mihaiolimpiu Guest


    Probably this is the right thing to do... PS2 and Wii's are not NEXT GEN consoles so they should be selling for a dime! maybe Ps2 could be a collector piece and sell for more...(because it's this old you know)

    Please excuse my Anti Wiiesque attitude in a non Wii post! I only needed it for the joke in the end!

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