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    Starlight Guest

    Prototype: PS3 Graphical Feature Missing from XBox 360 and PC

    Released last week for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC, Prototype sports impressive visuals for a sandbox open-world game.

    In order to make the most out of each on its released platform there are some differences, as detailed below.

    To quote: Unlike the PS3's similar super-hero open-world game InFamous, Prototype is not natively rendered in high-definition on either console.

    Prototype is rendered at 1120 by 640 pixels, with QAA (quinux anti-aliasing) on the PS3 and 2xMSAA (multisample anti-aliasing) on the Xbox 360.

    The differences between these two solutions for video game "jaggies" are not terribly distinct, apart from a slight blur to the image with QAA; if sufficiently integrated into the game's art style this won't severely impact visual quality (such as is seen in Killzone 2.)

    Of course, resolution and aliasing are not really an issue in the PC version of the game, which depending on your set-up can render up to 2560 by 1600 pixels with 4xMSAA.

    You will find that the PS3 game's framerate can suffer from significant screen tearing when there's lots of action going on (which is a common occurrence in Prototype).

    The Xbox 360 game is locked at 30 frames-per-second, and generally runs steadily with minimal screen tearing. Screen tearing is a phenomenon where rendered frames overlap, creating a torn look as two parts of an object fail to line up.

    Despite these performance difference, the PS3 does have a one-up on both the Xbox 360 and PC versions of the game. Surprisingly all debris on the ground is individually shadow-mapped in the PS3 game. This provides more depth for ground textures and creates a very impressive image for an open-world game.

    You'll find that both the Xbox 360 and PC (even when graphical effects are set to Very High) games look flat in comparison.

    You can find comparison images below, which can be enlarged if you click on them. The first is from the PS3, and the second screenshot is from the Xbox 360.

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    D3M0N2009 Guest
    Wow there is a massive difference with the Debris, just showing off the Cell's power with the ability to shadow map hundreds and thousands of objects on the ground.

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    Rocky5 Guest
    i don't have the game but could this just be another graphical glitch that could be fixed with an update like fallout 3 had on xbox 360 they got a patch to fix most of the graphics advantages the PS3 had to start with.

    Or is this from the devs of Prototype as all stories about this were on gaming web pages nothing from the devs that i could see.

    Even if it isnt going to be fixed still looks good and the PS3 version looks better with the shadows on the debris on the ground.

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    mihaiolimpiu Guest
    As someone stated above me... it seems like a visual bug...

    I can understand the PS3's power over Xbox 360 (kinda but not really) but that effect missing from the PC version? COME ON! This is not the N64 days where PC's barely managed to render something beyond SOFTWARE graphics... (remember S3 Virge??)...

    I'm kinda skeptical about this... Not that I'm not proud about my console

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    ZBlacktt Guest
    The clicky make picture bigger part not be working for me?

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    Kellog Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by ZBlacktt View Post
    The clicky make picture bigger part not be working for me?
    It's working from the main news thread, not from this page.

    Xbox360/PC is seems to be missing ~17% of humans too ?
    (See the right side of the picture)

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    Apr 2005

    Red Face

    Quote Originally Posted by ZBlacktt View Post
    The clicky make picture bigger part not be working for me?
    Yep, that is one of many things we have yet to implement in the Forums (along with video tag buttons, etc)
    Quote Originally Posted by Kellog View Post
    It's working from the main news thread, not from this page.
    For now as Kellog said you have to use the Site News article version to get the clickable pics.

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    Neikos Guest
    yeap it could be just a graphics bug cuz those devs are not so pro like to know how to use the cell at its best... so lets wait a see what happend there...

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    t3nk3n Guest
    There should an update patch for the PC in the near future to resolve this, I can't see why the PC can't match PS3 in visuals. It looks as the PC one is just straight port off the XBOX360 at the moment.

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