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    Apr 2005

    Prototype Nokia Phone Recharges Itself Without Wires

    Nokia has invented a cell phone that recharges itself using a unique system: It harvests ambient radio waves from the air, and turns that energy into usable power.

    Enough, at least, to keep a cell phone from running out of juice.

    To quote: Nokia's system isn't finicky about where it gets its wireless waves. TV, radio, other mobile phone systems - all of this stuff just bounces around the air and most of it is wasted, absorbed into the environment or scattered into the ether.

    Nokia picks up all the bits and pieces of these waves and uses the collected electromagnetic energy to create electrical current, then uses that to recharge the phone's battery.

    Currently Nokia is able to harvest all of 5 milliwatts from the air; the goal is to increase that to 20 milliwatts in the short term and 50 milliwatts down the line. That wouldn't be enough to keep the phone alive during an active call, but would be enough to slowly recharge the cell phone battery while it's in standby mode, theoretically offering infinite power.

    Nokia says it hopes to commercialize the technology in three to five years.

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    red8316 Guest
    I have no clue about the science behind that, but it seems like a great idea to harvest wasted energy via radio waves. It could certainly help in a lot of ways i'm sure. I guess one potential use would be in implants and nano machines to keep them going. Future keeps on getting crazy, I love it.

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    Dreamcatcher Guest
    Simply fascinating stuff...

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    ernvil Guest


    Oh man.
    I wish I was born 1000 years down the future instead.
    Imagine what kind of technologies there would be

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    effbee Guest
    Those waves aren't really free, when you start harvesting them your degrading the range and strength of the signal to whoever it was intended for. If lots of phones start using this it is going to really mess things up.

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    GrandpaHomer Guest
    He he - can't find the charger - put mobile into Microwave for a few seconds ...

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    walidahmadi Guest
    well this thing would be awesome

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    kake2k Guest
    even 1000 years in the future, there will be less tech than 2000 years in the future!

    this is really cool though!! wireless power haha!

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    killburn Guest
    too good to be true... so this will cause cancer

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    denunes Guest


    just see this

    its the signals from radio station+tv stations+wireless networks+...
    all this waves are coliding the antena.
    free energy

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