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    LBGSHI Guest

    Project Artemis - PS2 Hacking System in Development

    For some time now (several years, off and on), GSHI administrative staff and several select members of the scene have been working, in secret, on something tentatively called Project Artemis: a hacking system for the Playstation 2. Details, and the original thread, can be found linked above, or here.

    The project is far from complete. There have been quite a few stumbling blocks, and some impressive progress has been made (though, without consent from its authors, not all of it can be shown here immediately - an issue I'm hoping will be resolved in the next few days). Through several primary coders (Sang123, Hit n' Run Games, misfire, Shyam Narain, Xerxes Technologies, cYs Driver), it has been determined that...

    A: Hiring a company to design such a system will result in either paying tens of thousands of dollars, or ending up with a company that cannot complete the project, and...

    B: Hiring a solitary coder, such as a skilled member of the scene, will eventually result in the coder being overwhelmed.

    Hence, lacking the necessary funds to hire a coding group or company adept enough to complete the task at hand within a reasonable amount of time, we have made the best decision possible, with Artemis, GSHI, and the scene in mind: to bring the project out of the darkness, and into the realm of open source.

    If anyone is interested in contributing, feel free to make a post, if only to say so. We will continue to chronicle our progress, research, and thoughts here. There will soon be a SubVersion repository in play; if you'd like access, let us know. I'll begin making our work available in this thread, and other threads in this forum entitled "Artemis: [Subject]". More PlayStation 3 News...

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    Starlight Guest

    Thumbs Up

    This is very interesting news LBGSHI.. and keep up the great work on this project as i still have ps2's myself and projects like this are very nice indeed.

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    Apr 2005


    Indeed, there may be some "oldschool" guys here who still are interested in exploring the PS2. If you guys need any Sony PS2 stuff we may be able to help you out (via IRC, not here)... we have more than we know what to do with, but none of our resident Devs are really into PS2 stuff any longer and CJPC sold his PS2 TOOL.

    Finally, a similar project for PS2 (mentioned 1-2 years back here) also has yet to come to light... the PS2 SuperBender, which essentially turns a retail PS2 console into a Development unit and allows you to launch PS2 ISO images via Ethernet, debug, etc.

    I attached some old pics (click the thumbnail, then click again for fullsize) of it, if there ever was interest, we could perhaps persuade the person with the files (including source code) to release them... however, the last time we tried there wasn't much interest so it never materialized.

    Anyway, sorry for drifting off topic and GOOD LUCK with Project Artemis!

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    Alucard Guest
    Very nice indeed. time to take out my dusty old ps2. lets see if i can remember how to turn it on . . .

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    roujinZ Guest
    this seems pretty interesting.. hopefully we hear more news soon.

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    netpredakonn Guest
    That's a really interesting project. It's a pity that it didn't go past the closed testing...

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    Starlight Guest

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alucard View Post
    Very nice indeed. time to take out my dusty old ps2. lets see if i can remember how to turn it on . . .
    Hehe.. i am not going to comment on that one.. lol.. but hopefully you do..

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    Vanshy Guest
    ps2 still alive, personally im gettin' games right now and playin' a lot, go project go!!!

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