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    Apr 2005

    Prevent XBox 360 HDD Crippling After Ban - NAND Write Protection

    As a follow-up to the recently posted Guide on unnbanning 8955 XBox 360 consoles from Live comes another countermeasure against HDD crippling.

    Godzivan has made available an XBox 360 NAND write protection diagram which simply write-protects the NAND Flash in the XBox 360 by connecting WP to a ground pin.

    To quote: "While this modification will certainly be against the terms of service and get you banned if you perform it, you wont be hit as hard as the 1,000,000 users that have had their boxes and respective HDD units rendered useless.

    This modification does not stop Microsoft from banning a console but only prevents the deletion of the HD installation certificates required by games which means you can still install them on the hard drive.

    Note: In order to update the kernel this mod must be disabled; a simple switch solution comes to mind."

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    plains203 Guest


    This is an interesting thing. Does the xbox crash if it tries to update but the WP pin is grounded?

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    creed7727 Guest
    so will this work on a xbox that got ban. so that the HD can be used? or just on xbox that have not be banned yet.

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    DrGanja Guest


    Hi.. What are they banning people for ? I changed my case to a translucent blue one and changed my hdd case to a translucent case. I also did my own RROD replacement. Do i need to fear a ban ?

    I'm pretty new to 360 mods other than case mods. I was real serious with xbox 1 mods and hardmods. As I still have an xbox with a 500 gb hd and an x3 ce chip and a buttload of leds. I am just curious about all this banning. Thanks for any input.

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    cfwprophet Guest
    I was real serious with xbox 1 mods and hardmods.
    Well sry to say but if you was so serious than you should be serious enough to find it out by your self but let me help you... Modchips are OUT and Softmod to time will be the Future. So we have a CFW (Custom Firm Ware) for the x360 drives that let us play backups. But M$ dont sleeped and developed a method to pin out such nasty users and BAN them from there Online service. Thats it.

    Nice Mod!!! I love to use the hdd to boot my games. Recently i've to change the lens of a drive from one of my good friends. Booting games from hdd save the lifetime of the drives lens.

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