Got an iPhone? Not fully satiated by its wealth of features and functions? Miss losing yourself in classic PlayStation games from years gone by? Wish you could combine the two for accessible mobile gaming? Well, the creative folks at ZodTTD might have just the thing you're longing for.

Not convinced? Want to see the emulator running in real-time? Below is a YouTube video showing psx4iphone in action:

Specifically, only a few days after officially announcing its PlayStation/iPhone emulation project, ZodTDD has whipped the covers off its PSX4iPhone application, which will allow iPhone users to take PSOne titles with them wherever they go.

Off course, Sony's official hardware offshoot for mobile gaming exists in the form of the sexy PlayStation Portable - and what a super piece of kit it is too. However, the PSP is not the smallest piece of tech on the market and it doesn't provide a solid platform for original PlayStation titles, especially as its increased power generally sees it dipping into the PlayStation 2 catalogue. Plus, when physically carried alongside the iPhone, well... there's no contest in terms of current tech trends.

The v0.1.0 edition of the iPhone emulation application divides the touch screen display into two, with gameplay shown on one half and the game's standard face button controls and directional movement pad placed on the other. By using their fingers to press the display's virtual buttons, the player is able to direct in-game action much as they would with a regular PlayStation controller.

The official "unofficial" PSOne emulator is compatible with the iPhone and the iPod Touch and comes with features such as save states and also a dynarec for added performance.

The PSX4iPhone application is open to anyone armed with an iPhone, no registration is required.

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