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    Starlight Guest

    PlayStation 3 Now $400 More Than the Cheapest Blu-ray Player

    Remember when the PS3 came out? It was comfortably the cheapest Blu-ray player on the market. That was a huge selling point for the console, trust us. When the PS2 first launched we conducted a survey that showed that over 30% of the early adopters bought it primarily for its DVD playback.

    We haven't seen figures for the PS3 in relation to how many consumers picked it up as a Blu-ray player, but the release strategies and state of the market are comparative and a similar percentage would've been expected. (we've contacted Sony for this statistic and will update you when/if we get a response)

    In fact at the time of the PS3's launch, the Blu-ray diode that powered the ROM was the costly and relatively difficult to produce component which stalled the release of the system in territories like Australia, and where Sony was losing much of its money on each console sold.

    Earlier this week we reported that the Xbox 360 had received another price-drop and as a result was now 57% cheaper than the PS3 at a buy-in level. Yeah you can talk about Wi-Fi this and hard-drive that as they are valid points to many, but if you want to play Call of Duty: World at War tomorrow, you can for 57% less on the Xbox 360.

    That's a face. We spoke to a Sony representative as to whether they would follow suit before Christmas with a PS3 price-drop and were told that the company believed its software line-up was strong enough that it did not need to react to its competitor's move.

    Maybe it is: depends on your software taste really. But for our money the PS3 is still a psychological barrier for many consumers at an RRP of AU$699. It's selling well, but if it was AU$499 and under that magic $500 mark we think it could be much more attractive to consumers. And that is before we noticed the following today...

    In the latest JB Hi-Fi catalogue - arguably Australia's cheapest electronic entertainment retailer - they are advertising Blu-ray players as low as AU$299. Their advertised price for the PS3 was $688 - admittedly a game and HDMI cable was bundled with it but there is not like there was a non-bundled option.

    That's a AU$388 difference or to put it another way, it is approximately 137% more expensive to buy a PS3 as your Blu-ray player this Christmas than it is to get the alternative option. Hell, Sony's own standalone Blu-ray player is AU$391.

    This suggests two things:

    Firstly, that Sony is no longer the first choice option for the multitude of Aussie consumers looking to buy into the HD revolution and grab a Blu-ray player, which can only have grown now that HD-DVD is dead. Secondly, it reveals that the cost in production of Blu-ray players has plummeted in the last two years, therefore off-setting much of the costs of producing a PS3.

    Perhaps Sony is right and they do through games like LittleBigPlanet and Resistance 2 provide compelling software to make people throw down an extra AU$400 on the table - that is not what this article is about. Nor is it about the comparative quality of each component. We just believe that the fact that you can buy...

    - an Xbox 360, a Blu-ray player and a blockbuster game (say a Gears of War 2 or a Fable 2)

    - a Premium Xbox 360 (now AU$399) and a Blu-ray Player

    - or an Xbox 360 and a Nintendo Wii

    ...for the same price as one PS3 is hard to ignore for the millions of mums that are about to hit the shops looking for a game console.

    We're not saying the PS3 isn't worth it, we're just saying that it is a brave move by Sony at a time when cash is tight, and price-tag is everything, to stay at AU$699 RRP. More PlayStation 3 News...

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    MoO9820 Guest
    When was this written? And this is obviously aussie prices, because right now a ps3 is 400$ on amazon.ca for me (A canadian).

    Also at the moment, the cheapest bluray player i can find is 203$ from amazon.com (of course this is american, and that would be around 247$.

    Now lets look at an xbox 360 at 290$ which is 110$ difference in price. This would buy you....

    -2 Games? maybe....
    -Wireless (free with the ps3 lol)
    -like half a wii (270$-110$=160$)
    -Xbox live subscription for 2 years O.O gotta get this eventually lol

    Now lets look at the ps3 one more time:

    -80gb (vs 60)
    -Free Wifi
    -Free online play
    -Bluray player.... lets lop 247$ off of the 400$ and you see the xbox360 is one hell of an expensive DVD player O.O
    -Six-axis? (not really a benifit lol)

    And the xbox 360:

    -50$ a year online subscription
    -100$ wifi dongle
    -DVD player yay? Lets add 247$ ontop of $290 and... well you get it
    -A mic (this is really the only thing the xbox has over the ps3... but you can use your own mic at home with the ps3 while you get Microsoft crappy mic (seriously its lousy ))

    So you see... If you want good games, get either console, sure the xbox360 is cheaper base line, but its more expensive later on down the road, and it misses alot of features. I say buy depending on your preference. If you want 1080P and like amazing graphics, ps3's probably your choice.

    If you like saving a buck in the short run and have no plans of going Hi-Def then yup 360 is probably your choice. Really WHO CARES?! lol

    Im tired of all these threads O.O

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    Join Date
    Apr 2005
    +Rep and yep, it's in Aussie prices... upon reading it I get the feeling they are trying to justify a PS3 price drop like countless others have done.

    Sadly, I don't think there will be any shortage of these threads until Sony decides to drop the price... and even then people will just want it lower and lower.

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    Starlight Guest
    Sorry if this news article is not up to par and will not post anymore of these kinds of posts on this subject..

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    Join Date
    Apr 2005
    I wouldn't go that far... after all, that is what our general console discussion section is for. If it wasn't for these type of articles, it would be empty... and nobody would be posting/discussing anything either.

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    Starlight Guest
    Okay will carry on as usuall with the posting..

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    b4rtsimps0n Guest
    Over here in the Netherlands, the ps3 is still 400, while the 360 arcade pack now starts at 150! The 360 is actually cheaper than the wii over here. So you can buy a 360 and a wii (250) for the same price as a PS3.

    Sony really has to drop the price of the PS3 to keep the sales up for christmas.

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    BigBlarg Guest
    Here in Canada again :
    PS3 = 400$
    Xbox360 arcade version = 200$
    Xbox360 Prenium = 300$
    Xbox360 Elite = 400$

    If you buy the arcade version... add the hard drive to it, it cost 160$! Add Wifi and/or xbox-live account, it end up costing more than a PS3, and you can't play HD movies on it.

    Maybe the PS3 cost more, but I think I get more for the money, since you don't need to buy anything else after.

    But since most parents who will buy a video game console for their kids don't know any of that... the 360 could be easily selling more.

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    sorceror Guest
    Actually, if Sony cuts the price of the PS3 too much, they'll annoy other companies that licensed the rights to make Blu-ray players. Sony has some competing desires there: 1) They want Blu-ray to really take off, and having cheap players helps, which means making it attractive for other companies to license the tech to make players. 2) They want the PS3 to be the dominant console, and 3) they want to actually make money in their PS3 division. Only #2 is a clear driver for lower PS3 prices.

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    BlingOnMyWrist Guest
    Well the PlayStation 3 is $400 over here also. Why doesn't anyone ever mention the codecs installed on the systems?

    The last time I tried viewing my video library on an Xbox 360 was back in August and There were many video types that were not supported. The PlayStation 3 plays all but one video type I believe (Correct me if I'm wrong.).

    And, although many kids parents pay for their Live subscription (my brother does that) I couldn't make my parents pay a subscription for me. Paying for online also kind of obliges me to play video games because I'm paying to. If there was a day you chose not to play, you're still paying for that day...

    Anyways, we all know why we have/want a PlayStation 3.

    I would like to see Fable II and Gears of War 2 though and see what all of the hype is about. I know they will never make me want an Xbox 360 though...

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