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    Apr 2005

    PlayStation 2 is Dead According to UK Gaming Industry Leaders

    Today MCV (linked above) has published a number of quotes from UK industry leaders who all reach the same conclusion - the PS2 is standing on its last legs and is effectively dead.

    The MD of MasterSonic noted that the PS2 market has been virtually killed overnight, while a major international publisher noted this will be the last Christmas for the PS2 and the company won't support it next year.

    To quote: MD of Mastertonic Andy Payne - whose Blast label has enjoyed impressive sales during the PS2's twilight years - believes the system is on its last legs, thanks to limited space on the High Street.

    He told MCV: "The PS2 market has been virtually killed overnight. There's been no real run-off like with the PSOne, and that's because retail just does not have the space."

    Do you still have a PlayStation 2, and if so do you still play it? Feel free to comment below! More PlayStation 3 News...

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    Tidusnake666 Guest
    oh, I have ps2 for eight years now, it's PHAT-model of it.

    I'm looking forward to release of Persona 4 this december and will surely play it!

    Ps2 have great unsurpassed titles, which will be interesting for eternity - for me there are Xenosaga series (#1 game of all the time), FFX, MGS series, Persona 3 and of course Dragon Quest VIII and much more!

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    tilla Guest
    This article is frankly silly, the old PS2 has already outlived any prior console's lifespan by far and STILL has interesting releases on the horizon. It obviously can't go on forever and it's possible it may decline further with the next PS3 price cut but it's still perfectly viable.

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    CyanCaze Guest
    I have a PS2 but it's broken, I would play it more if it was still working though. PS3 backwards capability is bad, =. I have to order a new laser for it.

    If I get around to fixing it, yes I would play it.

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    Starlight Guest

    Thumbs Up

    I still have 2 working modded ps2's that work great yet, one is a v4 with a 400C laser which was installed as the crappy 400B laser didn't last that long, but is working great now.

    Also have a v7 ps2 which has the r-type laser and is the original laser which still today works like a charm and both read cds and dvds very well yet.

    And the selection of games available for the ps2 is awesome as i haven't played half the games i got over the years, ps2 won't be dead for me just yet.

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    Wraith300 Guest

    Thumbs Down wtf!

    sonys making a bad move seriously, there are plenty of people who cant afford a freakin ps3 so whats the next best thing sony has to offer that isnt a hand-held? PS2!

    this is just my opinion though

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    The Jesus Guest
    LIES!!! Playstation 2 will always be the greatest console of all time.

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    ensairak Guest
    long live ps2 and long live sony (i dont know speak in english well, just a few words)

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    katzo Guest
    as long as i play games on my ps2 it will still be alive for me. i got over 300 titles and i only played half of them so far so it will be long time before it is dead

    i cant wait too to get my hands on persona 4 and tomb raider underworld hope they'll be released soon ^_^

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    thshelton Guest

    My used PS2 will be my main gaming platform for years to come

    I am a casual gamer, so the Playstation 2 offers the widest selection of entertainment with the lowest cost. I prefer to live in realm of gaming two years later than everyone else anyway.

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