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    bittoo2000nk Guest

    play sonic unleased on Ps2 HDD


    I want to know that is Sonic Unleased playable on PS2 HDD with HD Loader?

    If yes How ?
    Is any Patch is available ?
    Can I create patch for this game ?
    If Yes can anyone guide me step by step the procedure of creating patches.

    I am newbee.

    thanks in advance.

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    walidahmadi Guest
    This game is not compatible with hdloader as of yet.

    I think the reason why it is not compatible is because nobody really tried hard enough to make it compatible.

    If you want to try your best to make it compatible just try some of the tricks that are used to make games compatible with usbadvance, some of the times it works with HDLoader as well.

    You can try the ps2load method used to load a game.

    But all of that said, there is only a slim chance of it working. So you better keep playing it through dvd drive or through the emulator on the pc.

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