There are just a little over five days left until the release of GTA IV, and this morning we bring you a recap.

Firstly, this week IGN is running a "GTA IV week", where new content is posted everyday. Yesterday we already reported on the interview with the game's Art Director, Aaron Garbut. Last night they published an article detailing four of the game's multiplayer modes - covering Free Mode, Team Mafiya Work, Team Car Jack City and Turf War.

Yesterday we reported on the US edition of OXM giving the game a final score of 9.5/10. Today we have news on another Xbox magazine, Xbox World 360(UK), who gave the game a score of 98%, saying the game has an "oscar-worthy dialogue", "unfeasibly rich gameworld" and "inspiring mission design".

Contrary to what many expected, it seems as though the PlayStation 3 version is selling more than the Xbox 360 version at certain large retailers. UK retailer ASDA is reporting that the PS3 version is selling three times more than its rival - the Xbox 360.

Over in Australia, EB Games is reporting that while their pre-sales figures show both versions selling fairly close, the PS3 version is in the lead. Another retailer in that country, Gametraders, is saying the PS3 version is selling double than the Xbox 360.

Interesting indeed, I myself - who is a big fan of the Xbox 360 - will be getting the PlayStation 3 version, as I've read and heard personally from people who have played the game already that this version is undoubtedly superior to the Xbox 360. Granted, not as much that I would recommend going out to buy a PS3 console if you have a 360 already. Too bad that episodic content is Xbox exclusive, is Take-Two/Rockstar regretting that decision now?

If you live in the U.S. and have access to G4TV, then you can tune in this Sunday at noon, as the channel will be showing game play footage of the game. According to them, this will be the first place where such footage will be available to the public.

Lastly, Capcom in Japan announced that they'll be publishing the game locally later this year. Stay tuned for all the updates!

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