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    Chipperjones Guest

    PC and PS3 Gaming Headset?

    Hey all, i was hoping someone can recommend me a headset. im kinda new to PC gaming and am not looking to spend much, But i find it hard to figure out which one will work for sure. Bluetooth, wired?

    I have been eying this NoiseHush N780 (wirelessground.com/noisehush-n780-bluetooth-headset.html) but then i compare it to the likes of say turtle beach options and well i feel like maybe i should just spend a bit more, as you can see i have been given decisions that i simply cannot make on my own! lol.

    I am however interested in your take on headsets or which ones you use. Most of the affordable ones out their seem to be made of rather cheap materials, is their a premium options?

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    moja Guest
    Well, there sure are quite a few options - but you didn't really specify what you want exactly from this headset. Do you want surround sound, any specific budget, etc?

    Where are you located (US, EU)? I found a link for a decent Sony wireless surround headset that works with PS3 and PC/Mac:


    Hope this helps.

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    pirukuru Guest
    thanks for the info

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    matt101 Guest
    the official sony wireless bluetooth headset works with ps3 + pc... it has 7.1 surround sound..they only work on 3.70 or later fw for ps3....but all in all im happy with them... they usually go for 70... the turtlebeach px21 are a great headset but they are wired and will work on any ps3 or pc.

    you get a generous amount of wire with them.but gota be careful with them as my ones broke (volume controls on the wire)... there are new skull candy headsets for pc and ps3 they look good. and sound the bizz they come in both flavors wired or wireless ...i might buy them for my cfw ps3... they start at about 50

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    niwakun Guest
    My TV monitor had headphones out with 5.1channel emulation over 2channel, so really, i'm just getting the same thing with Sony's Official headset thing, although I have wired headset, not a wireless. Same with my PC, the built-in sound card had Surround emulation over 2 channel/3channels/4channels.

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    sly3571 Guest
    I have the Pdp Afterglow wireless headset. It works for all systems as well as your mp 3 players and mobile devices. the only thing is its not wireless with mobile devices and mp3 players and you still have a cord going from controller to headset on xbox 360. The price is nice as well 89.99 less then 100.00 dollars for a decent headset cant beat that. The battery life is great as well 10 hours and it takes around 2-3 to recharge.

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    Marcocanc Guest
    I use KRK's 8400 Studio headsets. Awesome for CoD and the price is pretty low

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    DerpyHerpy Guest
    I can vouch for anything turtle beach, I picked up a P11 for 50 USD, And it has lasted me almost a year now, works for both PC and PS3, Even has outside noise canceling. And dual controls for game volume / voicechat volume, I personally love it because its wired... No charging or anything required.

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