openWiiflow is the free and open source variant of Hibern's Wiiflow project. After Hibernatus has completed Wiiflow 1.1, he left the project and released it as open source version.

Wiiflow 1.1 Features:

* Fast and easy to use
* Stable (according to testers)
* Doesn't flicker on old TV
* Compatibility close (if not equal) to Configurable USB Loader (best compatibility)
* Properly supports the 3 latest versions of IOS 222
* Comes in two flavors : running under IOS 249 or IOS 222
* Parental control
* Themes
* Installed on HDD if you have a FAT partition
* Sounds and music
* Cover downloading, HQ (1024x680) and localized
* Ability to display more than 100 covers on screen (HQ covers)
* Multilanguage support
* And other little things ...

For more Wiiflow 1.1 related information and videos visit the official Wiiflow 1.1 page on WiiTDB.

openWiiflow Features

* All Wiiflow 1.1 features
* Handling for IOS arguments passed by a forwarder (ios=249, ios=222-mload, ios=223-mload)
* Ocarina online/offline cheating
* Compatible with latest Homebrew Channel version 1.0.6
* Compatible with latest version of devkitPro (r18, libogc 1.8.0, libfat 1.0.5, gcc 4.4.1)
* to be continued ...


Project Owners: Lustar (zorglub07)
Developers/Comitters: Narolez
Themers: spayrosam, Benjay, chappy23, roku93, Blue-K, Delta123, Bluescreen81, LAJD