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    Starlight Guest

    Online Pass is Now Required for EA Sports Online Gameplay

    Electronic Arts is launching their new one-time online pass registration program to enhance the sales of new EA Sports titles, while offering the pass with used video games for $10.

    The move is designed to offer additional downloadable content to members that sign up with the purchase of a new game in the form of exclusive content and matchmaking tournament opportunities.

    EA plans on unveiling the Pass with Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11, and will subsequently release the Pass for all EA sports titles.

    To quote: "EA Sports boss Peter Moore spoke highly of the new direction in online subscription-based downloadable content: "This is an important inflection point in our business, because it allows us to accelerate our commitment to enhance premium online services to the entire robust EA Sports online community."

    Many gamers might look at this and think that GameStop would be against the trend, but even more would be surprised to hear that GameStop is looking at this as an opportunity. "This relationship allows us to capitalize on our investments to market and sell downloadable content online, as well as through our network of stores worldwide," said GameStop president Dan DeMatteo.

    While this is not a totally new practice, the information presented gives telling evidence that EA could charge players a one-time fee to be able to play online multiplayer games."

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    Tristan Young Guest
    I'm absolutely not interested in EA, their games, or anything they have to say.

    They can take their games and shove em'.

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    laggmaster Guest
    i can see the buisness principal behind it more people are buying used games now days so it would make sence to make them pay another 10 dollars for re-registering the game with them so that you can play online its a profit machine...

    i for one do not like the fact that EA wants to make people pay to play there games even if its only once... its not that if i realy wanted to play any of EAs games online then i would pay for it but its the principal of the whole thing.

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    Mexicodude908 Guest
    Just like EA they find anyway to charge you there are absolutely no benefits for someone to get this, I guarantee they give stupid crap like a free background.

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