Introducing Onechanbara: Bikini Zombie Slayers - the perfect game for the guy without a date on Valentine's day! :p

Onechanbara: Bikini Samurai Squad is the ultimate evolution of the blood-splattering samurai action game. Take on the role of beautiful but deadly Aya or her little sister Saki, both of whom will need to put their legendary samurai skills to the test in order to battle legions of zombies terrorizing their city.

Armed with only their swords and their beauty, these deadly sisters will stop at nothing to rid their home of the zombie threat.

Every person they meet and enemy they battle gets them closer to understanding who or what is behind this zombie outbreak and putting an end to it. Babes, bikinis, zombies, blood and swords... who could ask for more!

XBox 360 Features:

- 3 Playable Characters - Players can choose to play as one of three beautiful and dangerous characters. Gamers can switch between characters at any time during gameplay, creating unique gameplay strategies and play-through options!

- Killer Combat System - Each character has a variety of moves that the player can utilize to combat enemies in the air, on the ground, at a distance, when surrounded or even to evade attacks. The player can change weapon attacks - for example, switching between one or two katana swords - and some characters have the ability to use guns!

- Rage Mode - Rage Mode unleashes the hidden power inside your character - causing the player to go into a rage state where they will gain more power and more agility allowing them to destroy enemies faster and deadlier!

- Motorcycle Levels - As Aya, the player is able to ride a motorcycle in some levels. The player will have to drive and slash at zombie dogs that try to knock her off the bike!

- Co-op Play - Any mission in the game can be played in 2-player Co-Op mode so you can fight against the hordes of zombies with a friend!

- Dress Up Mode - Throughout the game the player can acquire various items the player can use in the dress up mode. The player can change each playable characters clothing, accessories hair style and color and more!. After selecting an outfit combination the player can name the combination and save it, then use it in the game!

Character Bios:

Nationality: Japanese
Age: 21yrs. Old during X360 version
Body Height: 5 feet 6 inches (168 cm)
Measurements: Bust 34, Waist 23, Hip 35
Birthday: Feb. 14th

Aya is a beautiful female who is proficient in swordplay. Being a descendent of baneful blood, she takes advantage of the skill by making a living as an assassin. Saki, mastermind of the zombie case (occurred somewhere in Tokyo, is her half-blooded younger sister.

Nationality: Japanese
Age: 16 yrs. old during X360 version
Body Height: 5 feet 2 inches (156cm)
Measurements: Bust 31, Waist 22, Hip 33
Birthday: Dec. 14th

Saki is a common student at first glance. However, she too is an assassin who takes on assassination lightly as though it were a part-time job. She also carries "baneful blood" as her half-blooded older sister Aya does. However, Saki is more affected by this blood. That may be why she is so violent, not knowing how to express her feelings.

She has a tendency to lose control of herself and get very violent when she sees blood or sharp blades. In the Wii version, a new variation is added to the throwing attacks after grasping an enemy. The cruel Beat Dead Attack when she sheathes her sword is a must-see.

Unidentified Nationality
Age: Around 28 for the X360 version
Body Height: 5 feet 6 inches (168cm)
Measurements: Unknown
Birthday: Unknown

The official name is "Reiko No.9". She is a belligerent clone out of the agency's scientific capability. She is one of the 9 bodies cloned from Original Reiko who tries to unveil the secret of IMICHI as a biological server. They are called "Single Numbers" so as to be distinguished from mass-produced Reikos later.

All operative Reikos in the world are cloned from Single Numbers. There are various types of cloning Reikos because they are customized for combats or data gathering etc. on genetic levels when they are cloned. All Reikos are linked by the spirit-sympathizing wave of Original Reiko. They share everything such as the five senses, the memories, and feelings with Original Reiko.

Unidentified Nationality
Age: Unknown - around 17?
Measurements: Unknown
Birthday: Unknown

Misery is the descendant of the same family who carries IMICHI like Aya and Saki. She joins hands with the agency that researches IMICHI, because they share a mutual interest. However, possessed, she secedes from the agency in order to grow power.

She tries to beat Aya and Saki who carry IMICHI, but she is vanquished. Still she appears again in front of her rivals, Aya and Saki, due to the special and strong ability to regenerate her life.

Nationality: American- 24 years old during X360 version
Birthday: September 8th
Body Height: 5 foot 7
Measurements: 35-24-35

Anna is part of the Zombie Police Force, "Z.P.F" association. She is trying to take out the zombies that are infecting the city. She is on an individual assignment and is after the society.

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