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    chriswall20 Guest

    Many Thanks to cfwprophet / advice please!

    Firstly I cannot thank cfwprophet enough for creating the offline downgrader. It is not being dramatic to say you have saved my life! Using your package / tutorial I managed to resurect a half-bricked JPWII with half of 3.4U sysmenu and no way to change system settings to get an internet connection back to a 3.2J WII with all settings menus brought back.My 5 year-old daughter is esctatic, many thanks again for your hard work.

    What I really need now is some advice from someone who obviously knows what they are talking about. Now I have the 3.2J menu what I really need for my daughter to be able to use the Wii on her own is.

    1) Full english menus

    2) Ability to boot backups from the disc channel, at least PAL and NTSC(U), (little girls can destroy original DVDs just by looking at them and I want to back up her Dora, Disney Princess, Diego etc games to avoid permanent loss.

    The reason I need to be multi-region is that we have a PAL Wii for which we have original titles,(above) and the JPWii came with twelve original NTSC(U) titles which she plays also!

    So the question is what steps do I need to take now with the Wii to enable these features?

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    cfwprophet Guest

    For disc channel you need the Cios-Corp and then its still bugy and a lot of things that could couse a non booting game.
    Belive me use the NeoGamma Beta R8 or the CoverFlow USB Loader.

    The New Super Mario Bros Wii doesnt work via modchip or softmod like disc channel booting but since a few hours a patched main.dol is out and if you install the disc or image to a USB stick/hdd it will boot and play fine

    But both htings are included into my pack.

    I will do a new CFW hack pack next time.Actuelly im testing some new possible hacks and playing New Super Mario Bros. Wii to see if it run fine (beside im playing Sacre2 and i really needed this )

    I will upload a tut with the patched main.dol for NSMBW

    -Have Fun-

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