Today Microsoft has detailed NXE's party and photo sharing features via GamerScore blog as follows:

Pretty sure we can all agree that Xbox LIVE is the best place to play games, hands-down. A good game of Gears of War 2 becomes an incredible game when you get into a heavy multiplayer match with your friends - or any person you're matched with - and reduce them into small chunks with your pretty chainsaw. It's the little things in life that bring such satisfaction.

But some people asked for ways to create parties and keep entire groups of people together online, no matter what they were doing. Well, we've listened and we've delivered.

Once NXE launches on Nov. 19, it will be even easier to connect with your friends and the Xbox LIVE community of 14 million people around the world via Xbox LIVE Party*.

Xbox LIVE Party will let you and up to seven friends jump from experience to experience while staying connected at all times. If you have a weekly Gears match and one friend is always late - no worries.

The rest of you can join a Party and either voice chat or play a quick game of Castle Crashers while you wait. Once your no good, lazy butt friend shows up (you know who you are), one person will be able to bring your group into the lobby of Gears with just the click of a button. Really - it's that easy.

But Xbox LIVE Party goes beyond games. The New Xbox Experience will also bring a photo sharing feature to Xbox LIVE members called Photo Party. With Photo Party, you and up to seven friends can share digital photos from a camera, disc or USB drive while voice chatting in real-time.

You can even rate each others' photos - so you may want to keep that photo of your farmer tan in a Speedo to yourself. With Thanksgiving and the holidays coming up, you may even be able to convince your mom and dad to get an Xbox 360 to enjoy all the great new entertainment available through NXE.

Check out a screenshot below, with the rest linked above of Xbox LIVE Party and Photo Party. Finally, Major Nelson has also put together a cool video to show how easy it is to jump from experience to experience in a Party also available linked above.

Only two more weeks to go until the New Xbox Experience is available to download. Keep checking back here and to get the latest updates.

* Some Xbox LIVE Party features require an Xbox LIVE Gold membership. More PlayStation 3 News...