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    TeamFail Guest
    That zip file you linked is a zipbomb. It's nothing but 00s upon 00s.

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    Join Date
    Apr 2005

    Super.Mario.3D.World.USA.WiiU-PoWeRUp / Super Mario 3D World USA WiiU PoWeRUp

    Correct, it's just a preview of the file contents and is only 47KB in size. I will check around tonight to see if the full SDK surfaced anywhere publicly to download yet though

    Update: The games are also being released now it appears, the first being 23GB in 84 files:

    Super.Mario.3D.World.USA.WiiU-PoWeRUp / Super Mario 3D World USA WiiU PoWeRUp

    [Register or Login to view code]

    Super.Mario.3D.World.USA.WiiU-PoWeRUp 84F 23860.98M 2014-05-19 23:09:42

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    StanSmith Guest
    I'm looking but nothing found yet.

    Hopefully this will lead to a raise in sales then the game devs will see more sales so they will start releasing games for it.

    That was their main complaint, the console wasn't a huge seller so if playing backups causes it to be a huge seller then what? Will they make games or will they still make up an excuse that its been hacked? They still make games for the Xbox360 and PS3 and they have both been hacked so that cant be a valid excuse anymore.

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    Tidusnake666 Guest
    I've also found an another release:

    The_Avengers_Battle_for_Earth_PAL_WiiU-VENOM which is also 23.31 GiB (25025316564 Bytes)

    [Register or Login to view code]

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    StanSmith Guest
    That was the first rip which is really old now. It's from 2013. Probably won't work as I doubt it'll be ripped the same way.

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    moja Guest
    Would be interested to see if this leads to more customizable use of output to the gamepad.

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    NTA Guest
    people were buying ps3s just ruin mw2 multiplayer for everyone lol

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    Tidusnake666 Guest

    The.Legend.of.Zelda.The.Wind.Waker.HD.USA.WiiU-FAKE / The Legend of Zelda The Wind Waker HD USA WiiU

    Seems like another release is unleashed:

    The.Legend.of.Zelda.The.Wind.Waker.HD.USA.WiiU-FAKE / The Legend of Zelda The Wind Waker HD USA WiiU FAKE

    [Register or Login to view code]

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    Join Date
    Apr 2005

    Nintendo.Land.USA.WiiU-PoWeRUp / Nintendo Land USA WiiU PoWeRUp

    Here is another for those following:

    Nintendo.Land.USA.WiiU-PoWeRUp / Nintendo Land USA WiiU PoWeRUp

    [Register or Login to view code]

    PRE - Nintendo.Land.USA.WiiU-PoWeRUp - 2014-05-22 - 01:25:31

    Lmfao at the Group Notes:
    Bitcoin donations to 1MPFUF4UtMj929fgwW6qnhYoFdfRJyGy1m ... ODE devices wont be mandatory for playing backups. Is anyone ready to code a game loader yet ? How bad do you people want the exploit to get the party started ? Leave us a message through a public note along with bitcoin donation. If you want the hack go public, we better see some donations because this sh*t is burning a hole in our pocket..
    Why these foolish gits are attempting to continue profiting off fellow sceners is only going to draw the attention of Nintendo again.

    Max Louarn aka MAXiMiLiEN of the warez group Paradox (via Supreme Factory Limited who is connected to his French Company Divineo SARL) has already been busted by the Big N for peddling piracy devices in HK [Ref: gaygamer.net/2007/10/mighty_nintendo_smashes_10000.html] and once the 'donation' scam flops as expected (remember, most sceners are too smart to pay for silly things) they will likely market their ODE devices as originally planned.

    Just like the initial PS3 JailBreak, it appears [Ref: dashgamer.com/2014/05/wii-u-modchip-to-be-crowdfunded.html] they plan to begin selling these Nintendo Wii-U circumvention / piracy devices through OzModChips located in Australia, coincidentally right where some of the leading crackers on Max and Paul Owen's (currently operating under the guise of Team Xecuter) payroll reside.

    The article states the following: In a post [Ref: gbatemp.net/threads/wiikey-u-preorders-will-open-soon.366189/page-7#post-5002589] made by gbatemp's dekuleon, the user stated that he had contacted Australian based modchip website, ozmodchips in regards to pre-orders being available in-store or online. The reply was interesting to say the least.

    In a reply made to dekuleon, the online store stated "Hi there not sure when, the project still seems to be in its early stages. so the preorder will kind of be like a kickstarter project when it starts.... We will list it on the website when more things are confirmed, but for now there is still not price, terms, and eta!".

    IMO the only way scene release group PoWeRUp will gain respect from true sceners is to do just that - release stuff, everything they claim they have - without the silly Internet panhandling demands.

    Time will tell if they are truly a SCENE group or just another front for those trying to peddle their ODE's as suspected all along evidenced below.

    From profiteer garyopa with all of his Team Xecuter and Cobra ODE paid keyword sidelinks who appears quite elated by this upcoming new Wii-U ODE revenue stream:

    "Well the Cafe SDK leaked was old one v1.7 But the NFO promises more newer SDK's are coming.

    As for 'useful key' -- It is AES Game Title ID key. You need multiple AES Title ID's to get your ODE working. -- HEHE!

    First you need your own drive key, then you need to rip the discs which take a while and each one has its own different game AES key.

    But to play them back each game needs a unique Title ID AES key, which can be dumped but how you plan on playing them back?

    Currently all the hacks get into only Wii mode, with bit of the rest, enough to dump your drivekey (if you wish to do your own ripping) but only on some firmware, recent ones been patched.

    There is no ISO loaders out there for Wii U mode, so for now ODE is way to go, might change in the future but not for a little while, until more info is released, and ones that know some of it, have no what to see piracy happen so that might never happen."

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    Tidusnake666 Guest
    Boss, you've beaten me to submit new info

    Anyways, a great post, so many old-new faces: garyopa, Max and Paul Owen, Max Louarn etc..

    Actually, this is exact thing that I've thought - the extort money for something "virtual" with no videos whatsoever, than say "sorry" (or remain silent) and advertise ODE.

    Scene is growing more and more pathetic. We only need Matieluh (or how he is spelled) to make it more pathetic and disasterific.

    The preorder costs 134 euros (about 150 USD) in France.

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