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    niwakun Guest
    Well until someone who can patch iOS37 in WiiU so we can install ciOS of our choice. But yeah, I think they patched iOS37 signing bug on it. But who know what will happen in the future.

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    Bassflower Guest

    Wii U vWii HACK Step by Step Tutorial + Files HD

    Ok. Here is a New Tutorial from me

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    ly420 Guest
    too bad I don't speak german

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    Bassflower Guest
    I added english subtitles. but its a very raw work... I will work on them tomorrow

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    GotNoUsername Guest

    Video: Wii U Teaser: The Homebrew Channel on Wii U by Fail0verflow

    Following up on the previous Nintendo Wii U hacking news, today console hacker and mod-chip developer Marcan42 of fail0verflow has shared a Wii U teaser video via 0xf0f on YouTube demonstrating The Homebrew Channel below.

    To quote: "We finally have a YouTube channel and we thought we’d kick things off with a little teaser:

    Keep in mind that this is purely a demonstration at this stage. Depending on how things progress and what direction development takes, we may or may not release something like this in this form. Please don't ask for release dates. We'd rather spend time investigating the new system than putting together a release that may or may not end up being the Right Way to do things in the future.

    Please ignore the blue blinks. The monitor kind of sucks at syncing to component video sometimes. I would’ve used HDMI, but the Wii U cannot output analog audio simultaneously with HDMI (at least not for the Wii U menu part), and I cannot capture HDMI audio."

    On the Wii U specs, Marcan Tweeted the following: We're calling the Wii U security processor the Starbuck (vs. Starlet on Wii). And it seems to be about equally vulnerable, too.

    Sorry, I'd rather not talk about how I got that yet. It doesn’t involve leaks, it involves Wii U hacks

    He also stated the Wii U offers a 1.24 GHz CPU with 3 PowerPC 750 type cores with the GPU clocked at GPU core at 549MHz. The Wii U does have a higher IPC meaning the processor can do more work per clock cycle so it can't be directly compared to PS3 and XBox 360.

    From the video's caption: "A quick demonstration of The Homebrew Channel installing and working on a Wii U.

    There is no set release date, please don't ask. This is just a demonstration. Please ignore the blue blinks. The monitor kind of sucks at syncing to component video sometimes, and I cannot capture audio from HDMI."

    Hopefully this delay won't turn into another money-making venture led by Max Louarn and Paul Owen profiting off the scene as was done with the PlayStation 3 and PS3 DRM-infected dongles.

    Also below is a video (via gbatemp.net/threads/devolution.338544/) of a GameCube game running on Wii U via Devolution by Tueidj. To quote: DevolUtion? Yo dawg, we put backwards compatibility in your backwards compatibility so you could run gamecube games over HDMI.

    Unfortunately he shows no proof of it actually being used on the Wii U. Also in the video below he couldn't get past the "Press Start" screen.

    How to use Devolution with backup discs

    Devolution is a Gamecube loader for the Wii that allows both SD and USB loading with excellent compatibility along with audio streaming support. Many people are interested in using Devolution to play their favorite Gamecube games on their Wiis but have been frustrated by the program's inclusion of severe anti-piracy measures. While some claim to have cracked Devolution's code, a version without AP has not been publicly released. As compatibility improves, Nintendont promises to be a worthy AP-free alternative in the future. For now this leaves hardware, in the form of a modchip, as the best way forward with Devolution.

    The following has been thoroughly tested and is known to be working. Other modchips may also work (many are known to be incompatible with the program's AP even when using retail discs). Please update this thread if you find another working modchip or firmware.

    What's required:
    • Wii with an early drive (DMS, D2A, D2B) that can read burned DVDs
    • Wiikey v1 modchip or DIY equivalent
    • Wiikey 1.9b firmware and matching config disc (NOT 1.99BETA)
    • Devolution r128 (or earlier)
    • Devolution r197
    • Burned backup of Gamecube game

    The files needed are available on the internet with a little bit of searching.

    This will NOT work with:
    • Wii U
    • Wiis with D2C or newer drives
    • Devolution r200, because it uses a different verification scheme

    How to verify backups:

    To be able to verify burned discs with Devolution, the Wiikey must first be flashed with the older 1.9b firmware and have the region override feature turned OFF using the Wiikey config disc. Once this has been done, simply insert the backup when required for verification and Devolution r128 (or earlier) will verify the backup just like a retail disc. Repeat the process with backups of the rest of your favorite Gamecube games. This method works with either the standalone version of Devolution or by using the loader.bin with a USB loader. After all backup discs have been successfully verified, replace version r128 with r197 for the best game compatibility.

    Have fun playing Gamecube games with Devolution!

    In related Wii U news today Crediar shared a video demonstrating running Homebrew Launcher on the Wii U in Wii Mode below with a screen capture of the Wii Mode OTP keys for those interested.

    Finally, from fail0verflow (via fail0verflow.com/blog/2012/8days.html) comes the following:

    8 Days: 3d331b3165f9638c6cd6221702b2f736f7fcf931

    From marcan42: Pro tip: 40 character hex strings are usually SHA1 hashes, not encryption keys.

    Update: Another brief update from fail0verflow (via twitter.com/fail0verflow/status/281164792000045057) of a picture showing output to the Wii U's control pad with their logo and a picture of Nintendo of America President and COO Reggie Fils-Aime with the caption:

    "The Wii U is a system we can all enjoy together" - Reggie Fils-Aime (twitter.yfrog.com/gymu6fjp)

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    sorg Guest
    This is only for Wii mode. There are no hacks for WiiU itself. As Marcan said, Nintendo can fix all vulnerabilities of Wii mode, so it's still considered not really hacked yet. Nintendo disables Wii mode if connected to internet and see system update. Even if you set not to automatic update, you won't be able to switch to Wii mode until you update. That's the way to prevent hacks. WiiU native hacks are required in order to have really hacked WiiU.

    Actually, I have Wii already with hackable bootmii (Wii fans know what it means) with NANDEmu and WODE. It gives me full freedom to run any (well, almost any) game from HDD. Both Wii and Gamecube.

    Need to think very hard if i want to buy WiiU which is just slightly upgraded Wii... I'm too spoiled by launching games from HDD to come back to wacky plastic disks..

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    StanSmith Guest
    I'm the same. I have a USB HDD full of games that boot as soon as I turn on the WII. I haven't seen the Wii menu on my Wii in years as there is no need.

    When the WiiU is fully hacked and can run games like the Wii can now thats when I get one. I haven't seen anything really good on the WiiU for me to get one till then.

    So its got a screen on the controller. So does the PSP and Vita. The PS3 can just use those two via Remote Play to do the same as the WiiU so its nothing really new to me. Not enough to pay such a high price for it.

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    GotNoUsername Guest
    And with team fail0verflow it is certain we will get it for free

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    niwakun Guest
    lol I used to boot neek2o with custom DI, it works like wode and you dont need to open the console anymore (it's a softmod) as my Wii can autoboot neek at startup, making it much more reliable emulated NAND (say goodbye for random bricks on Wii) with 98% backup support, heck I had humongus NAND space now which make me put more DLC and Wii Game Channel stuff and not limited to 512MB space anymore.

    also teamtwiizers = fail0verflow

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    sorg Guest
    niwakun, neek is NAND emulator, which i've mentioned above. Although, it doesn't require special hardware, it has some drawbacks like incompatibility with Gamecube mode. There is USB issues if emulated NAND is on USB HDD. As developer of one of version of such NAND emulator, i know in details how it work. I'm still prefer NAND Emu (on SD card) + WODE (with 2 HDDs) combination as ultimate solution

    Actually, emulation of physical drive like WODE is the best way for backups. If such emulation would exist on PS3, then we could have great game compatibility and PS2 backup support for BC PS3 consoles.

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