A few days ago WiiGator's GameCube Launcher for the Nintendo Wii was first announced here, and today it is available for download!

Download: Wii GameCube Backup Launcher v0.1 Theta

To quote WiiGator: In the source archive there are the binaries as archive included. Not all games are working and it still contains bugs. Don't start complaining that a game is not working. You have the source code and can fix the bug. Here is a Compatibility_List. There is a video showing it in action:

Short Instructions:

1. Run miospatcher
2. Press X (only one time!), if you want to use Wii Backup Launcher or Wii disc channel to start.
3. Press A
4. Run rungcbackup
5. Press A and play your game

This application theoretical can brick your Wii and make it unusable. It was written to be safe as possible. If something fails it should only have effect on the GameCube mode. You should still be able to use Wii mode and repair it by installing a MIOS with a WAD installer.

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