Today shagkur and wntrmute have released DevKitPPC rev18 and libogc 1.8.0 along with libfat 1.0.5.

DevKitPPC is a port of the GNU Compiler Collection (GCC) and includes a C (gcc) and C++ compiler (g++), a debugger (gdb) and associated utilities, with the architecture "powerpc-eabi".

Download: DevKitPro SourceForge

It also includes standard C libraries based on newlib, which is specifically designed for embedded systems. Compilers and libraries are also included for the MN10200, the Matsushita (Panasonic) chip used in the Wii DVD controller. It is designed to be used in conjunction with libogc, a collection of Wii-specific low-level libraries.

libogc is a collection of low-level libraries for the GameCube and Wii. This collection of libraries was originally written by shagkur for the GameCube and has been developed over the past 6 years.

The final build of devkitPPC release 18 and associated libraries were uploaded to SF yesterday.

DevKitPPC release 18:

* Update gcc to 4.4.1
* Update newlib to 1.17.1 - please note this is not an official newlib release, just a snapshot we used to obtain some requested functions.
* Update to gdb 7.0
* wiiload is now version 0.5, this will require the latest version of the homebrew channel in order to upload code.
* filesystem IO now defaults to unbuffered meaning that the full length requested on read/write is passed to the devoptab pseudo device drivers.
* The powerpc-gekko prefix has now been replaced with the more standard powerpc-eabi, this will allow portable autotools based libraries to build OOB for devkitPPC. Users of the template projects will be unaffected.

libogc 1.8.0:

* Fixed AA video mode support
* DI bugfixes
* SDHC fix for IOS 60 and greater
* tinysmb - added keepalive, automatic SMB reconnection, non-blocking sockets, DNS lookup, port 139 support,anonymous passwords and share-level security support
* USB storage bug fixes
* MEM2 sbrk patch (extends memory into MEM2 when MEM1 exhausted)
* Added ISO 9660 DVD devoptab
* Added Wiimote battery level support to WPAD
* Basic Wiimote speaker support
* Added USB HID support
* Added USB keyboard & mouse support
* Added SD Gecko SDHC support
* Fixed TLUT loading
* IOS no longer reloaded on start, this should be done by the loader (HBC does this already)
* Quit back to Wii menu on exit() if HBC reload stub signature not found.

libfat 1.0.5:

* Implement read ahead cache
* Fix issues with short aliases
* Fix timestamps
* Set access and modify times on directory creation

With thanks to Tantric, Dhewg, Rodries and Shagkur for their contributions to these releases.

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