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    cfwprophet Guest

    Lightbulb Nintendo Wii Custom Firmware 3.2 Rev 14 Guide Available

    So its done, I translated my tut into English and want now share it with you

    This time a lot of new good things will be included.So we have a cIOS_usb2, a cIOSv8, the cIOS-CORE updatet with the new cIOSv8 / DIP Module, the cMIOSv3 for Game Cube Backups per disk channal, a new DVD Dumper v1.3 Channal, tha FlatMii ISO-Loader Channal, Drive read speed is at 6x, two new MPlayer versionīs 1x time the CE and 1x time the USB_2.0 as hbc app as wll as BootMii Checker, Any Title Delater MOD v4, MultiBoot, signCheck and a cIOS_usb2 Test Tool for the hbc.

    Also comes this new revision with nice features wich will be marked with a * in the list.

    This TUT is reduced to a few steps and its not importend on wich FW you are.Only on FW 3.4 the Twilight Hack have to be delated (folder private on SD / Pack) after delating the folder you must copy the "private" folder from the "Twilight Hack for FW 3.4" folder back into the root of your sd / Pack.

    Than you just to have to follow the TUT and on the end or after seccessfull Downgrade to 3.2 you should be coping the Twilight Hack v0.1 beta1 back to your Console. In case of a brick and the installed rescue menu hacks from Starfall you will be able to Unbrick your Wii by your self.

    Please keep sure that your dvd drive have no disc inserted. Because I and some other ppl getted a error message for some times about files of system menu will be damaged. I tested it and without a disc in drive i never have seen this message again douring installation of CFW. Anyway keep sure to NOT have a disc in drive at same time you install CFW.

    To Note: If you get a error at Any Title Delater and delating the IOSīs go back to HBC >> WAD Manager >> Install cIOS36. After seccessfull installation you should be able to normally use ATD and WAD Installer again.



    Our CFW comes with this features:

    -FW Downgrade to 3.2
    -cIOSv8* for better compatiblity for HB
    -cIOS_usb2* our CFW gets USB_2.0 support
    -Gepatchtes Shop Kannal Update der FW 3.4
    -Patched IOS51 Update from FW 3.4 for the Shop Channal
    -Pachted Mii Channal Update from FW 3.4
    -Disc Update Blocker
    -Region Free Wii Games
    -Region Free GC Games
    -Region Free Channals
    -Disc Dumper to dump your games* (v1.3 new banner & sound)
    -Hombrew Browser Channal
    -Opera Internet Browser
    -FlatMii ISO-Loader Channal* (only works with FlatMii Modchip)
    -Speak Channal (but only works with Nintendo Micro*)
    -Skip healthwarning with backmenu
    -Start rescue-menu when Y is held on 1st GC controller
    -Removed rescue-menu diagnostic disc check
    -No mainmenu BGM
    -Nearly 100% compatiblity thx to cIOS-CORE and the cIOS
    -FW Integrated backup support for Wii Games (Game-Backups per Disc Channal)
    -FW Integrated backup support for GC Games* (Game-Backups per Disc Channal thx to new cMIOSv3)
    -FW Integrated backup support also for Hombrew Programms
    -FW Integrated Multi Disc support* (multiboot.dol must be injected into the disc)
    -Error 001 & 002 Transparent Patching System*
    -Disc Read Speed is at 6x*
    -Nearly 100% compatiblity for Imports truth GeckoOS Channal
    -Manager and Installer for the Nintendo Data Pack Format the WADīs
    -Media Playback support per SD,DVD,etc., thx to MPlayer and GeexBox
    -Media Playback support per USB_2.0* thx to MPlayer "nackasa" MOD
    -NES Emu for your old ROMīs
    -SNES Emu for your old ROMīs
    -Neo-Geo Emu for your old ROMīs
    -N64 Emu for your old ROMīs
    -GBA /GBA-Colour Emu for your old ROMīs


    Steps to do:

    1. Download "cfwprphtīs CFW 3.2 Hack-Pack" and copy the content of the folder to your SD and put it into your Wii

    2 .a) if you dont have played yet Zelda TwilightPrincess, boot the game and after creating a savepoint on console you return to the Wii Menu. You could do this without playing game, you even must not start it.

    2. b) if you have plaed yet Zelda TwilightPrincess, go to systemmenu >> data >> Wii and delate the ZTP savepoint, than sd >> and copy the twilight hack savepoint to your console.

    3. Start Zelda and load the twilight hack savepoint.

    Run backwards or talk to the Man in the front of you and the loader starts. Follow the order and the HBC will be installed.

    4. Start the HBC and than the WAD Manager and now you must restart your Wii after every install (Turn your Wii off and On again). This should be done with the first three files.The rest could be installed without restarting the Wii.So:

    WAD Manager >> IOS16 >> Restart Wii
    WAD Manager cIOS Fix >> cIOS Fix >> Restart Wii
    WAD Manger >> cIOSv8 >> Restart Wii
    WAD Manager >> cIOS30 And only this was successfull you could install the other three files without restarting Wii. They will be numbered.

    5. Now you should be on FW 3.2 - put out SD from Wii and rename the folders on pc to WAD >> WADs (e.g.) and the WAD1 >> WAD. After that put back into Wii and start the HBC. Now start the Any Titel Delater >> System Titles >> and delate IOSīs 9, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 17, 20, 21, 22, 28, 31, 33, 34, 35, 37, 38, 50, 51, 55, 254 after that dont press the home button, press B button to go back for one page.

    Now choice Installed System Channels and than delate the "Shop Channel".We will reinstall the Shop Channal quickly but the patched version from FW 3.4.

    6. Start the WAD Installer and the WADīs will be auto installed. Have an aey on the progress. If a WAD will not be installed you should do this manuelly with the WAD Manager. But after delating the IOSīs and the Shop Channel it should be run without troubles.

    With this Auto Install following files will be copyed to your Wii:

    DVD Dumper v1.3.wad (Channel)
    WadManager v1.3.wad (Channel)
    WAD-Installer_v2.1.wad (Channel)
    IOS51 FW 3.4 Update.wad (Driver for the Shop Channel)
    Shop Channel FW 3.4 Update.wad (Channel Update)
    Mii Channel Update v2.wad (Channel Update)
    FCE Ultra WII GX-9002.wad (Channel)
    GeckoOS 1.7b by DJDynamite123fixed.wad (Channel)
    FlatMii ISO-Loader.wad (Channel)
    GX-Geo NeoGeo by DJDynamite123fixed.wad (Channel)
    Wii64 by DJDynamite123 & Vidboy.wad (Channel)
    Homebrew Browser by DJDynamite123 & BlueK.wad (Channel)
    MPlayerWii by DJDynamite123.wad (Channel)
    Snes Emulator-9001.wad (Channel)
    VisualBoy Advanced.wad (Channel)
    StarFall by DJDynamite123.wad (Channel)
    Speak_Channel.wad (Channel)
    Opera Internet Browser.wad (Channel)

    7. Just start >> Starfall Channal >> set all to >> Install >> press 2 -- DONE

    Your Done and now have a Soft Modded Wii with CFW_3.2 incl. fw integrated Backup Support (per Disc Channal) and the other upstairs printed features.

    Whats NEW?

    * THE HBCīs version is now BETA 1.0.1 and works on FW 3.4. If you have the HBC allready installed you could use the NET update function or go to system menu >> Channels >> delate this version and install the one from my Hack Pack via Twilight Hack.

    * cIOS_v8-249.wad you will need for the hb programms and for your backups to be palyed per Disc Channel

    * cIOS_usb2.wad brings USB_2.0 support to our CFW

    * cIOS-CORE allows booting and starting of all backups per Disc Channal

    * cMIOSv3.wad Game Cube backups per disc Channal

    * MultiBoot Games per Disc Channal you still need the multiboot.dol renamed to main.dol to be injected in the first game partition of the disc

    * WAD Manager_cIOS_fix would be only writen to be used with IOS16 and to install the cIOS_fix.wad in it

    * IOS16.wad the only way to get a WAD installed on a FW 3.3_v2 / 3.4.So this WAD is from the Backup Disc and would be SEMI signed so nintendo could not block it

    * Xyzzy is a Hombrew app from Bushing that let you read out the keys of your Wii and save it as a .txt to your SD. Usefull if you run into a full brick.

    * Starfall 0.5 make custom patches to the system menu.It have a lot of usefull hacks such as disc update blocker and region free games (GC-Wii) & channels, Skip Healthwarning on Wii bootup, skip Menu Sound, aktived the Rescue Menu if GC controller is connected to port 1 and "Y" will be pressed during bootup, Remove Factory Disc Check for Rescue Menu only works on FW 3.2

    * Wad Manager v1.3 Channel to manage the install / deinstall of WAD files

    * FlatMii ISO-Loader Channel only works with FlatMii Modchip now you could select your isoīs from the Wii Menu

    * Any Title Delater MOD v4 now works with a database in .txt format what will be a lot easyer to handle and it could be also used on FW 3.4

    * DVD Dumper Channel v1.3 Tool to dump games to SD card,USB device or per WiFi.You could choice between GC, Wii and DL-Wii Discīs and the size of the split files. So split files for smal SD,USB devices or a whole 4,37GB dump

    * MPlayer Nackasa MOD now works with USB_2.0 support

    * MPlayer CE now supports more formatīs

    * GeexBox another media player, a lot of ppl say that it will be better work than MPlayer

    * Speak Channel only works with the Nintendo Micro to this time

    All hbc apps will be have a icon and meta. Thanks to several german hb sites we will now have some nice icons.

    Tips and Infos:

    You should make a NAND Dump or use Zyxxy to get the keys of your Nintendo Wii Console. If you run into a Full Brick you or a good modder can Unbrick your console with the dump or the keys of your Wii.

    I hope i dont have forget something... Have Fun

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    Join Date
    Apr 2005
    Nice guide cfwprophet and +Rep!

    Also, I couldn't follow what you mentioned about the "/208215867/DLHP-ENG.txt after /file/" on my profile... if you wish, just paste the direct download link here for the "cfwprphtīs CFW 3.2 Hack-Pack" required.

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    SquareGravy Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by PS3 News View Post
    Also, I couldn't follow what you mentioned about the "/208215867/DLHP-ENG.txt after /file/" on my profile... if you wish, just paste the direct download link here for the "cfwprphtīs CFW 3.2 Hack-Pack" required.

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    cfwprophet Guest

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    exzavier00 Guest
    Are the English files for European PAL Wiis or US NTSC Wiis?

    Thanks alot for all your work, I can finally downgrade.

    Also, I did not see a wad named cIOS_v8-249.wad or cIOS-CORE after I uncompressed the files. Are they named something else?

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    fmbaig21 Guest


    Can you explain how to add this cfw for ppl who have done the twiilight hack but no longer have the zelda game? Is it even possible?

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    tworok Guest
    wow, this must be the holy grail of the wii homebrew community..

    will definitely give it a shot when i get home.

    thanks a lot mate

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    cfwprophet Guest
    @ fmbaig21
    You need the game to execute the Twilight Hack loader.But if you have the Homebrew Channel or the WAD Manager Channel installed you dono need to use the TH.

    Otherwise you need the game or if you have a modchip than you coud use also the backup of the game to start the loader.

    @ exzavier00
    The packs are region free.It is becouse i translated all the metaīs from the hbc apps into my language.But the IOSīs are region free and the channels also.

    WAD Manger >> cIOSv8 >> Restart Wii
    The IOS is called "cIOSv8.wad"

    and the cIOS-CORE is not a file it self it is a CORE of cIOS what will be replaced with the original one.So if you want to find the cIOS-CORE you have to search for cIOS9,cIOS11,cIOS12,etc.,etc.,...

    I have made a mistake by the Key Tool, it should be called "Xyzzy" istead of "Zyxxy".

    So "Xyzzy" is the correct name of the terrific Tool.Condemned dyslexia

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    I cant get this to work 4 me i have tried it on fw 2.3e and 2.4e. i can get wads 1 2 and 3 installed but when i try to put no.4 on cios30 i get error (ret = -1035) can anyone please help b4 i throw it through the window lol.

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    cfwprophet Guest

    You used "WAD Manager CIOS_FIX" ?

    Are you really sure that you have install the cios_fix. wad with the app "WAD Manager CIOS_FIX"?

    This than normal happens. So install the cio_fix.wad with the "WAD Manager CIOS_FIX" (NOT with the normal WAD Manager v1.3) and try again if its not working also install the cIOSv8 again. After that it should be install system files.

    Dont worry this happens often to users and is most a read mistake.


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